What is the difference between YouTube and Dailymotion?

Vivendi, a Paris based company owns Dailymotion and it can only be owned by France based companies as the French government not only blocked Yahoo Inc’s acquisition of Dailymotion in May 2013, where it made very clear to the whole world that Dailymotion is not for sale outside France.

YouTube, on the other hand, is an American company that is headquartered in San Bruno California.

Both YouTube and Dailymotion are video sharing websites and they are among the best and biggest video platforms in the world.

If you are looking for the ultimate website to upload or view videos, these two are on top of your list and while some people prefer using both, some people are very reluctant and can only use one.

So what then will determine the site you will use?

There are various things you can look at and make your choice as the two sites have significant differences:

YouTube vs Dailymotion


If you are a user thinking of uploading videos that are more than 60 minutes long, then YouTube is the site. Dailymotion imposes a time limit of 60 minutes on all videos.

If your video is less than 60 minutes in length, you can use either of the two.

However, if your video is more than 60 minutes, YouTube is your only option as it allows for unlimited video length.

YouTube has the biggest selection of videos anywhere in the world.

If you are looking for a certain video, the first place to look is always YouTube and you can be sure if the video is available anywhere it is on YouTube.

It has so many users who upload all sorts of videos at any one time without a time limit.

This is one reason why YouTube is always rich in content and it has way more videos than Dailymotion.


YouTube doesn’t impose a time limit on videos, but it, however, imposes a size limit of 20GB.

This is ten times the 2GB limit of Dailymotion.

This is very useful because YouTube allows high-resolution videos to be uploaded and high-resolution videos are larger in size.

Dailymotion, on the other hand, has a limit of 720p maximum resolution.

The quality of uploaded videos doesn’t refer to the resolution only, but it also refers to new videos.

It is estimated that approximately 72 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute.

This means YouTube users have a higher chance of viewing fresh content as compared to Dailymotion users.

Difference between Youtube and Dailymotion


YouTube has a higher number of visitors as compared to Dailymotion and this is because of the content they offer.

There’s so much to choose from on YouTube as compared to Dailymotion.

YouTube has categorized video content with several categories which Dailymotion doesn’t have. Some of these categories include science, health, cooking, and education.

Users on YouTube have the ability to upload videos of any kind at any time.

This is why you will find educational videos, how to videos, funny videos and so many others on YouTube.

As long as your video doesn’t violate the terms of service of YouTube and it is not pornographic, you can upload it to YouTube.


YouTube is far much more innovative as compared to Dailymotion.

YouTube gives the best 3D experience to it’s users although the availability of this is still in beta phase.

3D experience is achieved by generating two images in each frame in a video.

One image is for the right eye while the second one is for the left eye and the images are generated to stimulate stereoscopy.

This is one ability that has seen the user rating of YouTube increase dramatically.

Dailymotion, on the other hand, doesn’t have the 3D feature for its users.

YouTube is great in innovativeness in that it also allows the users to download videos and watch them offline.

This is another feature that lacks in Dailymotion giving YouTube the upper hand.

With YouTube, users can be able to track the people watching their videos. YouTube has an analytic tool called YouTube Insight.

This feature allows users to know how long and how often their videos are watched.

Dailymotion doesn’t offer this feature. YouTube has more innovative features making it more popular.

Dailymotion has a feature called the Age Gate.

The site allows users to upload sexual content, but you have to turn off the age gate to access this content.

It is more tolerant to the content being uploaded.


This is one huge difference between YouTube and Dailymotion.

YouTube allows it’s users or uploaders to share on the profits they get from the videos they upload.

This means that if your video goes viral, you have the chance to earn a lot of money from it.

This gives many users the incentive to upload more and more videos on YouTube.

Dailymotion, on the other hand, does not do revenue sharing.

The results of this are seen when it comes to the number of users each site has simply because, YouTube gives people an incentive to upload videos.

Having said that, Dailymotion started offering a no-restriction revenue sharing partner program, late 2014.

But the difference between (earnings per video view) YouTube – Adsense revenue when compared with Dailymotion Partner Program, is huge.

Not only does YouTube – Adsense partner program get more views, but also pays better.

YouTube has made many millionaires, whereas Dailymotion will be making it’s first millionaire within the next 2 years.