Dailymotion age restrcition, how to set age gate off?

Many video-sharing websites have come and gone in the past.

While some sites like Metacafe and Vimeo promised to share a hefty percentage of their profits with the users… the others disappeared over night.

They down scaled and changed their business model in such a hurry…they are more like a red dwarf, than a shiny bright star (they were once) in the night sky.

Only two video-sharing websites withstood the onslaught of Copyright agencies, Government organizations, Internet Watchdogs and of course,the terror networks.. who were busy propagating their agenda through the video hosting websites.

The first one is YouTube, ‘the Goliath’..owned by the behemoth Alphabet (parent company of Google).

YouTube is the only video-hosting website to be protected and guarded by the highly complicated U.S Copyright laws, as well as by the U.S Government itself.

YouTube is totally immune to any legal action, to bring it’s website down.

In other words, you can fine them millions of dollars, but you would never be able to take the YouTube website down.Such, is the clout of this giant, it is truly ‘invincible’.

The other one is…Dailymotion, ‘the David’, Owned by Vivendi, a Paris based company.

Dailymotion is truly a blessing to millions of users, who visit it’s website and mobile app every single day.

With hardly any influence as YouTube, Dailymotion still has the guts and balls…to take on YouTube, in it’s own turf..the USA.

Age Restricted Videos – YouTube vs Dailymotion

Dailymotion is the only video sharing website, that has a category, dedicated to sexual content.

Not only can visitors enjoy X-rated movies but if they are lucky enough, they can even make money from those videos.

Meanwhile, YouTube..which boasts about it’s strict policy against sexual content.

Where users, who upload adult videos are banned along with their IP address, is riddled with adult videos.

In spite of it’s so called ‘strict policy on sexual content’, every third video on YouTube is an adult video and people are still earning millions from these YouTube adult videos.

It was even worse in early 2010s, as malicious uploaders used to upload full length porn movies on YouTube, with compliments from YouTube, the newly introduced YouTube-Adsense adverts.

It would take months (sometimes years) to take down these porn videos, as YouTube turned a blind eye (on purpose), to let the videos run as long as they can, to rake in as many dollars as they can, from the naivete sponsors.

And oh! many of these porn videos were never age restricted by YouTube.

This deceptive attitude of YouTube went on for years, as their ears suddenly became ‘deaf’ to the public outcry as well as numerous online campaigns launched by watchdogs, desperate parents and concerned YouTube celebrities, who left no stone un-turned to get the greedy giant, Google’s attention.

Unlike YouTube, which says one thing and does the opposite…Dailymotion is very much candid in it’s policies on sexual content and does have a very strict policy on Children and child exploitation videos..in any form, sexual or not.

If you want to watch an adult video on Dailymotion, all you have to do is turn the Family Filter Off.

You can do this, even without creating or signing into your Dailymotion account.

But in YouTube, only registered users can watch age-restricted videos.

Dailymotion’s age restricted videos are pure gold, when compared with YouTube’s age restricted videos.

One has to realize that Dailymotion does not always age restrict videos, merely based on a sexually explicit content.

There are many other reasons, including excessive violence, offensive languages, hate messages, sacrilege, indirect threats and politically charged up speeches, that could lead to a huge turmoil within a country or between nations.

Having said that,most of Dailymotion’s adult videos are from the Golden age of porn, the 70s and the 80s.

Almost every major hit adult movie from the Golden age of Porn..like Laura Antonelli’s Malicious (1973), L’innocente (1976), The Venetian Woman (1986) and many other Tinto Brass collections, can be watched on Dailymotion..legally.

To Watch Dailymotion’s Age Restricted Videos in Desktop

1, visit www.Dailymotion.com

2, Scroll down to the bottom of the screen, stop your cursor on the ‘Help’ section, under the ‘Help’ section, you will see Family Filter: ON (highlighted in blue color)

Dailymotion Age Restriction ON, family filter ON

When you click on the Family Filter: ON (highlighted in blue color), it will change to Family Filter: OFF (highlighted in light grey color)

Dailymotion Age Restriction OFF, family filter OFF

Voila! you are all set to watch Dailymotion’s age restricted videos from a web browser.

To Watch Dailymotion’s Age Restricted Videos on it’s Mobile Website & App…

1, Open the Dailymotion app

How to set Dailymotion age restriction and family filter ON ?

2, Scroll down and select the Family Filter ON button (default option).When you click on it, a new message box will appear, with just two options..OFF and ON. Select OFF

Changing Dailymotion age restriction and family filter OFF from ON in mobile app.

3, After you click the button,it will turn grey, which means Family Filter is OFF.

Changing Dailymotion age restriction and family filter OFF in mobile app.

4, You have to check the box, which says ..that you agree to Dailymotion’s Child Protection policies.

Magnifique! you are all set to watch Dailymotion’s age restricted videos on it’s Mobile website & app.

If you are still not able to watch Dailymotion’s sexual content, there could be a parental control software installed on your computer.