how to make money from paypal affiliate program

PayPal is the world leading payment portal with more benefits than flexible and secure transactions.

For years, the platform has grown from enhancing international money transfers to helping account holders earn money from the PayPal Affiliate program.

Online marketing is growing and with it, new ideas and generous offers emerge.

For instance, the need for PayPal services is being fueled by the growth of freelance writing, online shopping, and digital currencies.

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Now, users can make money from the PayPal Affiliate program directly or indirectly as follows;

The PayPal Referral Program

By inviting other users to the platform, one stands a chance of earning up to $100.

When PayPal hit the markets, the referral program offered $20 for you to open an account and $20 more if you successfully referred someone.

After basking in the spotlight, the program disappeared only to reappear again when new players emerged. Today, users have a chance to earn $5 for inviting their friends, family, or a stranger.

On top of that, the referred guest will also gain $5 upon opening an account and completing a legitimate transaction within the next 14 days.

Referral links are visible at the “settings button” of the PayPal mobile app; select the “Invite a friend and get $5” icon and share the invite with your contacts.

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For a blog, use the “share an invite “option and choose your email address. A referral link is sent to you,and you can post it to your blog post or any third party website.

It’s recommended that you disclose your referees about your pending commission until a complete transaction is made. Failure to do so leads to disqualification from the program including the rewards you would have earned.

So far, only U.S PayPal account holders have access to this service; however, rumors are suggesting that the brand is working on availing the PayPal Referral Program to more countries.

According to their terms and conditions, one can earn a maximum of $100 and you can only send or post the link to personal contacts only.

Freelance Writing

Though it is an indirect approach, freelance writing helps users make extra money through PayPal.

By inviting people to the platform, you market your business since they will want tangible proof.

Take,for instance, Fiverr; the website has a wide range of buyers and sellers trading content.

Once you recommend PayPal services (where you receive after completing projects) to a friend under your business name, they get first-hand insight into your work.

The bottom line is; promoting PayPal puts your work in the spotlight which leads to the attraction of new clients accompanied by more money.

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Affiliate Marketing

Website owners have the perfect platform for making money through affiliate marketing.

The process is simple; request for the PayPal referral link, post it on your site and once an interested party clicks on the link, you are one step closer to $5.

However, to claim the money, the user must make an eligible transaction within 14 days. The PayPal affiliate program is different from others in that; itis limited to individual personal contacts only.

Driving People Around

Currently, Uber services have entered the digital market where one can drive people around and receive payment via PayPal.

By talking to passengers, you have an opportunity to make $5 and secure loyal customers. Through promoting PayPal, your services become popular and the business booms.

Online Shopping

Ebates is PayPal’s partner when it comes to online shopping. Here, one is require spending money to earn cash back.

With over 1000 online stores to make money from your purchases, one tends to be generous through inviting friends and colleagues to a profitable shopping spree.

Take this opportunity to link your allies to PayPal services and make more than $5 at a go.

Naturally, your friends will share the experience with other people who will eventually become potential subscribers as well as clients (in case you own an online store or offer professional services).

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Making money from the PayPal Affiliate program does not require a degree in marketing. In fact, one needs to master friendly interactions as well as keeping an open mind.

Grab opportunities from all corners like placing simple PayPal sticker on your desk.

A curious mind will come along; ask questions which lead to a productive conversation,and before you know it, you are sending him/her a link or guiding them through their first transaction.

Statistics show that 210 million of the world’s population has active PayPal accounts; therefore, it will be easy to convince a colleague or loved one to subscribe.

The best part is, the platform supports more than 25 currencies and its available in over 100 countries.

Users enjoy reduced international transactional rates instead of tolerating unbearable charges from direct bank transfers.