Types of Amazon Account and their discounts

One of the brands or names that everyone has at the tip of their tongues is Amazon.

Today, even little kids know you can order something from Amazon or get a product from Amazon.

It’s one of the largest e-commerce brands in the world today and its dominance isn’t ending soon.

It is a gorilla on the consumer retail front and it’s no shock it rolled out Amazon Business.

Upon the release of Amazon business, the company said it would go big by providing easy access to hundreds of millions of products to consumers.

Everything from lab equipment, food services and supplies, IT equipment to education.

As well as business only selection plus pricing.

Amazon Business customers also get to enjoy free two days shipping on millions of items eligible to the section, multi-user business accounts, payment solutions, approval workflow, dedicated customer support, tax exemptions and many others.

What is Amazon Business?

Amazon Business provides its users purchase solutions for a registered business of any size.

How fast is Amazon Delivery

How convenient is that?

Any business can assign users that are authorized to go in and purchase their business supplies on Amazon on behalf of their employer which is the registered business.

The main administrator of the account can add users and remove them at will and can also manage shipping addresses, reporting options, payment methods and approval of workflow all of these based on the needs of the business.

Amazon business provides easy access to hundreds of millions of products that would suit a business of any size across all industries.

Everything from janitorial supplies, IT and lab equipment to education supplies.

Amazon understands that all business customers want to manage a single payment relationship with Amazon business and receive standardized invoices.

All this while having the flexibility to purchase from tens of millions of suppliers.

Administrators of the Amazon business account can add either shared or individual payment options based on the needs of the business.

Shared methods include debit and credit cards, or an Amazon.com corporate credit line.

Any authorized user of the business can use any payment method of choice to purchase items on behalf of the business.

For security purposes, the authorized users though they can purchase items on behalf of the business can only be able to see the last four digits.

How satisfied are Amazon Customers

How to sign up for Amazon Business?

There are two ways in which you can register your business and get an Amazon Business account.

First, if you already have an existing personal account on Amazon, you can convert it into a business account.

Simply go to Amazon.in and convert your account.

For those with a Mobile Only Account, you can also convert it into a business account.

However, with the MOA, you will be required to make some changes on your account and add an email address too which wasn’t previously required.

If you don’t have an existing amazon personal account you want to convert, you can simply go to Amazon.in and register for an Amazon Business account.

Once you register your business successfully, you can now use your mobile number or email address to login your account and get your business going.

When registering the account, you must have your GST certificate with you, because you will be prompted to enter a few details from the GST certificate.

If you don’t have a GST certificate, unfortunately you won’t be able to register your business.

Creating an account is free making it easier for businesses and individuals to create and start purchasing goods for their businesses.

Advantages of Amazon Business Account

Advantages of Amazon Business?

Now that you know what an Amazon Business account is, how it operates and how to sign up for one, what are the advantages of having one?

When you have an Amazon business account, you get to enjoy exclusive quantity and price discounts on more than five million products.

Buying items in bulk also becomes easy especially when you are shopping on a platform you are used to.

With the Amazon Business account, you can easily create and approve shopping items, set up recurring deliveries and also manage your most favorite supplies.

You get to be part and parcel of the buying process as the administrator.

For the members in the US, you are eligible to get free two-day shipping on all the eligible items.

For those in the UK, you get free one-day delivery for orders over 30 pounds.

Amazon business gives you the chance to receive large orders via pallet delivery.

This means you can order items and if the order meets the minimum order size, it’s consolidated on a pallet and delivered to the receiving dock at no extra cost.

A lot of businesses have the chance for tax exemption under the Amazon Tax Exemption Program.

In the business account, Amazon will provide a tool helping users determine if their business qualifies for the program and any questions about which state the business qualifies for exemption and the type of exemptions the company qualifies for.

The admin of the business account is responsible for going through the process and to set it up for the business.

Amazon business tries as much as possible to have a transparent supply chain.

With the business account, you can create and download charts and tables that describe perfectly all the activities in your account including returns, orders and refunds all in one place.

This gives a business all the information they might need to control the business.

Your businesses’ spending activities are all in one place and you can look at them any time.

Competitors of Amazon Business

Amazon business is an amazing idea by amazon but it’s not the only brand offering these services to businesses.

Their service might be better and well known by customers, but there are other brands out there fishing for the same businesses.

Who are the main competitors to Amazon Business

These include:


It’s also a top e-commerce company from China founded five years later after Amazon.

For Amazon Business, the main advantage is offering different items and products on a discount.

Well, Alibaba was founded on exactly that principle. It is a wholesale trade platform offering discounts in millions of products.


It’s also a top competitor for Amazon.

They provide a broad range of products of supreme quality and also provide friendly prices with daily offers at ridiculously low prices.

They provide many products across different categories and they also have a gift card redeemable at all Walmart stores and the cards are managed through their website.


It’s another competitor for Amazon business and is one of the most successful in Europe.

It’s well known for innovation and has been reinventing themselves since it was created.

The platform offers a competitive edge by using their technology friendly interface to help the customer navigate through and make purchases.

Amazon is one of the best and biggest brands in the world today.

It’s founder and owner Jeff Bezos is currently the richest man in the world.

Their services like the Amazon business is an amazing one and gives small businesses who use it a competitive edge over others.

Businesses get the chance to buy any amount of products from tens of millions of suppliers and at a discounted price.

It’s a service that is unmatched by many companies.