John Rambo, having been sentenced to hard work, is working in a work camp jail when he gets a visit from his previous authority, Colonel Sam Trautman.

Trautman offers Rambo the opportunity to be discharged from jail after the occasions of the first film and given full forgiveness on state of him backpedaling to Vietnam to scan for Pows.

Rambo meets Marshal Murdock, an American civil servant who is responsible for the operation, and he tells Rambo that general society is requesting learning about the Pows and they need a prepared commando to scan for them.

Rambo is advised that he is just to photo the Pows and not to protect them, nor is he to captivate any foe fighters.

Rambo reluctantly concurs and is informed that a specialists of the US government will get him in the wildernesses of Vietnam.

Rambo parachutes into the Vietnamese wildernesses however loses the greater part of his supplies in light of the fact that his parachute line gets got on the plane on passageway.

He is left just with his blades and his bow and shafts. He meets the specialists, a neighborhood lady named Co-Bao, who needs to go to the US and who orchestrates her and Rambo to run upstream with a gathering of waterway privateers.

Rambo goes to the camp, and in inconsistency to his preparation, he finds the Pows there and salvages one of them from torment. Later at the camp, a watch finds a dead sentry whom Rambo disposed of with a tossing blade.

Accordingly, a huge watch goes into the wildernesses looking for the (obscure to them) interloper.

Rambo, Co and the POW escape with the privateers yet are assaulted by a Vietnam People’s Navy gunboat and are sold out by the privateers; Rambo sends Co and the POW to security and demolishes the gunboat with a RPG-7 and slaughters all the privateers.

At the point when Rambo calls for extraction, the helicopter returns yet goes as Murdock reasons for alarm what will happen to him and his gathering if people in general come to think about it.

Rambo and the POW are recovered and sent over to the POW camp. Rambo’s wrists are sure to a bulls yoke and he is brought down mostly exposed into a bloodsucker swarmed cesspit.

Later, Rambo discovers that the Soviet Army is helping the Vietnamese and preparing them, and is tormented seriously by a Soviet officer, Lt. Col. Podovsky and his quiet, strong partner in crime, Sergeant Yushin.

After a transcript of prior correspondences is perused to him, Rambo is requested to contact the military and let them know that they ought not send any more commandos for salvage operations in Vietnam.

In the interim, Co invades the camp in the mask of a whore and goes to the cottage in which Rambo is held hostage.

Rambo from the get go declines to collaborate, yet to secure the POW that he spared beforehand he apparently consents to Podovsky’s condition.

In any case, when he is given the receiver he rather undermines Murdock on the radio. With that, Rambo surprises Podovsky and Yushin and breaks, with Co blasting on the scene and terminating at the Vietcong.

He escapes from imprisonment into an adjacent wilderness with Co’s assistance. Co keeps an eye on Rambo’s injuries and entreats him to take her to the US.

Rambo concurs, and they kiss; be that as it may, they are then assaulted by Vietnamese officers, and Co is executed. Rambo executes them and covers Co’s body in the wilderness.

Emulating his escape, the camp’s Vietnamese officers and Soviet commandos search for him. Rambo amasses his weapons, and utilizing guerrilla fighting strategies, murders an expansive number of foe troops.

He returns to a little adversary camp and decimates it and a few vehicles with hazardous arrows. He captures a helicopter from the Soviets in the wake of tossing Sergeant Yushin out and moves ahead towards the POW camp.

He annihilates a large portion of the camp with the helicopter, then grounds and arms himself with the automatic weapon that is mounted on the Huey, murders the remaining officers, and protects all the Pows.

They get to the helicopter and head towards the US camp in Thailand. Lt. Col. Podovsky pursues them in his Mil Mi-24 helicopter gunship.

In spite of the fact that Rambo’s helicopter is intensely harmed by Podovsky’s helicopter, he arrives on a waterway, then fakes his passing.

At the point when Podovsky draws close to him and gets reckless, Rambo fires a rocket at Podovsky’s chopper, annihilating it.

Rambo then comes back to the base and wrecks Murdock’s war room utilizing the helicopter’s automatic weapon.

He faces the frightened Murdock with his blade, requesting that Murdock salvage the remaining Pows in Vietnam. Trautman then solaces Rambo and tries to mollify him.

A furious Rambo reacts that he just needs his nation to cherish it’s fighters as much as it’s warriors love it. The film credits move as Rambo strolls off into the separation while his guide watches him.