Difference Between YouTube AdSense Monetization And YouTube Multi Channel Partnership Networks

As a power house for videos, YouTube hosts a lot of subscribers who upload content for the world to see.

Gathering more views on your videos can be monetized by applying for an AdSense account which will be linked to your YouTube account making you entitled to receive payments.

YouTube partnership networks, on the other hand, involve third party providers who affiliate with multiple YouTube channels to offer various services.

With that major difference, it’s clear that these two services have different approaches in different areas.

YouTube AdSense vs Multi Channel Networks monetization

Though you can monetize videos on both YouTube AdSense and YouTube MCN (multiple channel networks), the former allows limited advert formats while the later allows various formats.

When it comes to premium ads, AdSense lacks the platform while YouTube MCN depends on the network you are using.

Payment thresholds differ where partnership networks are concerned because one will be dealing with various channels in various countries but for AdSense, Euros and US dollars happen to be their major option.

Payments with YouTube AdSense happen to involve bank transfers while MCN has multiple choices.

Payout dates vary with YouTube partnership networks, but those of AdSense are faster than MCN.

When we talk about monetization networks (MCNs) take effect immediately after subscription, while Adsense takes a while especially, due to the trial period in place for users to familiarize themselves with the service.


Having full ownership of your channel is an advantage and YouTube AdSense offers you exactly that.

Therefore, you have full control of what to include in your channel and how to go about it.

However, with MCN, it all depends on which network you are partnering with.

Some will grant you full ownership while others want to share.

A verified status with AdSense is not available which reduces your chances of gaining trust from customers.

With YouTube partnership networks, verification depends on the brand you are dealing with.

It’s the best strategy to having loyal clients who know your identity and trust your content.

A managed status is not available with YouTube Adsense, but with MCN, it depends on the network where the system places your content according to your target criteria either automatically or manually.

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Channel Support

YouTube AdSense does not have a channel support feature, but MCN happens to support channels.

Some networks support all channels while others are selective to avoid copyrights and violations that may put them out of business.

Sponsorships and Audio Libraries

To maximize your earnings, one could use the exposure brought by sponsorships.

While YouTube AdSense lacks this perk, Partnership networks have this property at your disposal to widen your horizons.

Similarly, AdSense lack Audio libraries which to be honest would be extremely useful.

Luckily for you, MCN has audio libraries whose content depends on the network as well as the terms of the contract.


Promoting your work and that of other people or companies can earn you extra income.

With AdSense, you can forget about that benefit and enjoy it to the fullest with MCN.

However, it depends on the network in question because some will allow promotions while others are reluctant.

Scam Proof

The best thing about having a platform that can protect your content is the fact that you will sell.

Fortunately for you, YouTube AdSense is bullet proof; your content is safe from copyrights and to some extent piracy.

In case your material is copied elsewhere and monetized without authorization, YouTube is alerted and takes measures to protect your video.

On the other hand, MCN is exposed to scams since they support every channel in need of their services.

Difference Between YouTube AdSense Monetization And YouTube Multi Channel Partnership Networks

It’s safe to say that such massive invitations attract all jack of trades including the greedy scammers ready to attack for a few pennies.

Exposure like that would make your content a victim of copyrights and piracy within hours of release.

Most of these networks have little or no requirement to join, and that opens a floodgate of well-wishers and spoilers.

These differences set YouTube AdSense and MCN apart by a margin; therefore, you can comfortably trust YouTube to get your talent out there.

Make use of services offered by YouTube to share your unique skills, knowledge, and humor for a few dollars.

At some point, it will become a significant contribution to your income if you play your cards right.

Besides, we all want to make it in life and some of us dream of becoming rising stars and earn a spotlight globally.

YouTube is the easiest and fastest media to be seen out there followed by a massive exposure to the social media.

All you need is a video containing material that doesn’t override YouTube rules and you are ready to go.

YouTube AdSense and YouTube Partnerships may differ, but they will get you to the top especially if you know what you are doing.