Los Angeles Police officers Jack Traven and Harry Temple foil an endeavor by an aircraft to hold a lift auto brimming with prisoners as payoff for a huge whole of cash.

They corner the aircraft in the building’s cellar, however he gets Harry. Jack shoots Harry in the leg, driving the plane to discharge him.

He turns and circles a corner, obviously biting the dust in a blast. Jack and Harry are applauded by their predominant, Lieutenant “Macintosh” Mcmahon.

Later, Jack watches a city transport blast and the aircraft gets in touch with him, clarifying a comparative bomb is fixed on an alternate transport.

Which will enact in the event that it goes in excess of 50 miles every hour (80 km/h) and will explode in the event that its speed drops underneath 50.

The plane requests a bigger payoff and cautions Jack he will set off the bomb in the event that they endeavor to offload travelers.

Jack races through activity, alarms Harry of the circumstances, and figures out how to board the transport.

Nonetheless, he is so late there is no option prevent the transport from going in excess of 50; subsequently the bomb is outfitted.

Jack tells Sam the driver of the circumstances, then a panicked little time criminal on the transport, dreading Jack is going to capture him, discharge his firearm, injuring Sam.

Traveler Annie Porter takes his spot in the driver’s seat. Jack inspects the bomb under the transport and telephones Harry, and Harry uses bomb hints to distinguish the plane as a previous cop.

The police have the capacity clear a course for the transport to a shut down interstate. Macintosh demands they offload the travelers onto a pacing flatbed truck, however Jack cautions about the aircraft’s requests.

Nonetheless, the aircraft permits the officers to offload the harmed Sam, yet when an alternate traveler named Helen endeavors to escape, the plane explodes a hazardous under the transport’s front stairs and she drops out and is run over.

Jack discovers that a piece of the interstate ahead is inadequate, however gets Annie to quicken the transport and hop the crevice. Jack guides Annie to close-by LAX, to drive on the runway to keep going at velocity.

In the interim, Harry has distinguished the aircraft as Howard Payne, a resigned Atlanta bomb squad officer with a residential location, takes a SWAT group there. The house is fixed with explosives, executing Harry and his group.

Jack endeavors to defuse the bomb while riding on a sledge being pulled under the transport, however trash on the runway intrudes on him and he can just hang on by puncturing the fuel tank, bringing about gas spilling.

He is pulled again on the transport by the travelers, and gains from Howard that Harry has been slaughtered. An irritated Jack crushes his cell, yet Annie helps him recuperate.

Jack finds a shrouded cam on the transport, which is the way Howard is watching them.

Macintosh gets a nearby news group to show footage from the cam in a persistent circle to trick Howard while they empty the travelers; the salvage is hindered by a level tire, stranding Jack and Annie.

They then settle the positions of the gas pedal and the wheel, setting the transport on its course, and departure through a floor access board. The transport slams a void 707 payload plane and blasts.

They set out to Pershing Square, the slanted edge for the payoff. Howard, acknowledging he has been tricked, postures as a cop and seizes Annie.

At the point when the drop is made into a waste can, nobody appears to take it and Jack finds an opening under the can into the Metro Red Line metro.

Jack discovers Howard there and Annie wearing a vest secured with explosives and fixed to a weight discharge detonator.

Howard commandeers a metro train, cuffs Annie to a shaft, and has the train set in movement; yet Jack figures out how to board at last. Howard then murders the train driver. Later, Jack hops on top of the train, yet is found by Howard.

While endeavoring a reward, Howard finds that his cash was fixed with a paint bomb. An incensed Howard gets on top and fights Jack.

Jack constrains Howard’s head into an approaching sign, beheading him. Jack expels the vest from Annie, however is not able to evacuate the bind without the key.

In the wake of acknowledging they can’t stop the train, Jack rather sets the train at full speed, bringing on it to crash through a development site and onto Hollywood Boulevard before arriving at a stop.

Jack and Annie both survive and kiss energetically as spectators take pictures.