Affiliate marketing is a large industry and has recently become one of the key sources of online income for thousands of professional bloggers.

More businesses are getting involved in affiliate marketing and opportunities have risen for bloggers to make money with their blogs.

Some of the most popular affiliate networks for internet marketers include:

Top 10 Affiliate Programs - CJ Affiliate (formerly Commission Junction)


It’s also referred to as Commission Junction a large affiliate network that offers affiliate programs for a broad range of well-established and popular organizations.

The CJ affiliate program acts as an intermediary between the affiliates who aredoing the marketing and the merchants who will provide the products to sell.

It gives you a large platform, great reporting capabilities, easy to use and gives you unlimited access to various data.

top 10 affiliate stores - amazon associates

2. Amazon Associates

Amazon is an American cloud computing and e-commerce company. Amazon is the largest online based retailer in the US and has an affiliate program called Amazon Associates that helps you tap into over one million products to advertise.

It is an excellent option for both starters and advanced affiliate marketers. The site allows you to create websites that have APIs and custom tools as well as Amazon implementations.

To begin, you only need a platform to promote your products and the most common way of doing this is through a blog or a website.

top 10 affiliate programs - rakuten linkshare

3. Rakuten Linkshare

This is one of the oldest affiliate partner networks and it is gaining popularity very fast.

Some of its distinctive features that enable it to wade off competition and make it user-friendly is rotating banner ads for specific products which makes it easier to optimize and administer in the long run.

The company ranks among the top e-commerce companies in the world. It has a simple signup process, deep linking options and dynamic ad rotation.

top 10 affiliate program - clickbank affiliate program

4. Clickbank

Clickbank has been in the industry for over 17 years and it primarily focuses on digital information products.

It lets people from different occupations to sign in for free and once you have an account, you get access to millions of ebooks that other member s are selling.

The commissions you get from Clickbank affiliate program are far better than most of the affiliate programs and its history and ease of use is another reason it is highly ranked.

Clickbank pays on time,so you don’t have to worry about your earnings especially if you are a beginner.

top 10 affiliate programs - shareasale Affiliate marketing company

5. ShareASale

This is the most admired affiliate network and has over 4000 affiliate programs.

They have been in the game for more than 10 years and they operate exclusively as an affiliate marketing network.

It is one of the affiliate programs that has received accolades for efficiency, speed and accuracy. Their reputation as a fair and honest program is well known within the business making it a trusted program by many.

top 10 affiliate programs - ebay partner network

6. eBay

Becoming an affiliate with eBay is fast and easy. You only need to scroll down to the bottom of the eBay homepage and locate the affiliate’s link. When you click on that link, you are redirected to fill the application.

With eBay, you can decide to sell new products or items that you no longer use. Affiliate marketers benefit in different ways.

As an affiliate marketer, you can earn by referring people to purchase items on site or by persuading people to register with eBay.

It is one of the affiliates programs that offers seasonal discounts and has diversified products base. It also has better commissions and better payment methods.

top 10 affiliate networks - Avangate - No1 Software Affiliate Network

7. Avangate

This is the affiliate program for the people who love technology or things related to technology.

It is a brand that offers original high-quality content only and this is to ensure public trust.

This makes it a bit difficult to enter their affiliate program,but after you enter, the results are exponentially higher than the others.

It offers reliable payments and high percentage commissions that are paid on time. The site is backed by a cloud platform that concentrates on online e-commerce global payments for subscription billing and payment for services.

top 10 affiliate networks - revenuewire affiliate network

8. RevenueWire

This is a global e-commerce company that deals with companies that sell digital products.

It is a good affiliate program to start with especially if you don’t have prior knowledge about how affiliate marketing work.

Creating an account on the platform is simple and approval doesn’t require much to be approved.

Another advantage with RevenueWire is you don’t have to be a registered merchant to promote a particular product.

It has an excellent user interface and it offers excellent search filtering and great navigation capabilities.

top 10 affiliate networks - affiliatewindow - awin affiliate marketing

9. Affiliate Window

It was first established 17 years ago and it has grown to be one of the best and most well-regarded affiliate networks in the United Kingdom and the world.

It has over 1600 brands across more than 70 sectors worldwide. Affiliate window supports deep linking enabling you to link to any web page on the advertiser’s website using your affiliate link.

They have different payment methods andthey pay publishers twice in a month and their minimum payment amount is low if you compare it to other affiliate networks.

top 10 affiliate programs - Affiliate Programs

10. FlexOffers

This is another well-known affiliate program that is a well-established affiliate marketer.

It has gained its popularity and good reputation from offering big offers on digital products which helps keep their affiliates relevant.

The company uses a strategy of providing large offersgetting more clients to purchase which means more money to the affiliates and the marketers. The platform acceptsmembers from all over the world and has flexible payments.