apple music subscription free for life

For a fast growing online music streaming app, Apple Music is in an epic battle with others to come out on top.

Free trials for a particular period, hacks, and promotional offers are some of the ways one can access Apple Music Premium account for free, but that’s just a few of what people are aware of, as users.

Apparently, there are a few tricks you can add to your knowledge to get Apple music for a few more days or a lifetime if you are lucky.

Free Trial Plus More

For 90-days, you get Apple Music Premium free on your PC, iPod, iPad, iPhone, or Mac.

When it comes to an end, you are required to pay a certain amount to continue enjoying their services, but it doesn’t have to come to that.

How about we get you six months free with just a few steps; launch the settings app and head to the iTunes App store, tap your Apple ID and login.

Scroll down to Manage option under subscription and turn off auto-renewal for Apple Music or adjust your renewal options by clicking edit.

Under the family plan subscription, you can get six months free with three of your family members by accessing the iCloud area within settings and click “set up family sharing.”

Send an invite to a family member, and once they accept it, you both enjoy free trial.

Now consider inviting two other family members to the family tier, which scores you more free days accessing Apple Music premium.

How to get get apple music subscription free?

Using Apple Music Free for a Lifetime

You don’t have to worry about breaking the law; the process is legal.

For free, create an Apple ID, which must be used to buy Apple iTunes gift card from the app store, for only $15 USD or via PayPal for $18 USD.

Go to your settings and open iTunes App Store and sign it to your Apple ID.

At the iTunes App store, scroll down to redeem option and redeem the iTunes gift card on your account which will have $15 USD.

Open the music app and subscribe for the 30-day period free trial but make sure to cancel the auto-renewal button before the free trial ends.

Otherwise, a monthly fee will be charged to your account and your 15 dollars will be of less help in getting the free pass for a lifetime.

Once the free trial is over and you have canceled it’s renewal in time, create another new Apple ID and use the iTunes gift card for another 3-months trial which means the procedure can be done over and over until you no longer require it.


Changing Time and Credit Cards

Instead of using fake credit cards, try backdating your device to your preferred date and enjoy free access to Apple Music Premium.

This may work for some devices which will experience glitches with the other apps the device might be hosting.

However, this trick has been used by many since its simple and very legal.

The best time to use this trick is during the free trial where the app relies on the time readings on your device, but you will miss out on latest features or offer.

All in all, you get Apple Music Premium account for a lengthy period freely.

The plan does not work forever, therefore, ensure you cancel the renewal before days end, and so does the free trial.

There are several online fake credit card and name generators one can seek to score free accounts, but for the cards to actually work, you will need a valid expiration date, CVV or CSV number.

Steer clear of the generators that have an automatic charge or ask for an upfront fee.

Chances are they ask for more than a credit card for validation.

Hackers always find a way, and Apple Music Premium is no exception.

Following the steps below,

* Find your favorite song, copy the link and paste it on and then convert it after which you will download.

* Open it in folder and copy the MP file

* Paste it in music; iTunes; iTunes media and finally paste in automatically add

* As the file disappears, open iTunes and access your song online or offline.

The process can be done over and over again with different track and get to play them whenever you feel like.

On the dark webs, Apple Music Premium Accounts are sold for less than a dollar which will give you a lifetime free access, but the trick is risky.

However, if you want to give it a try, look for listings on the dark web and purchase an account to keep enjoying free music streaming online free.

Whatever you do, remember to avoid crashing your system or unknowingly being an accomplice to fraud.

Use friendly recommendations from your fellow users or friends and family.

Whether it’s free for a few days or forever, it’s better to be on the safe side than be sorry.