Viewed by covert Customs Agent Monica Fuentes (Eva Mendes), Brian is gotten by US Customs specialists and is given an arrangement by operators Bilkins and Markham (James Remar) to go covert and attempt to cut down medication ruler Carter Verone (Cole Hauser) in return for the deletion of his criminal record.

Brian concurs however just in the event that he is offered consent to pick his accomplice, declining to cooperate with the operators relegated to watch him.

Brian heads home to Barstow, California, where he selects Roman Pearce (Tyrese Gibson), a youth companion of Brian who had served prison time and is under house capture, to help him.

Pearce concurs, however just for the same arrangement Brian was offered, and with the assistance of Monica, Brian and Roman cooperate to bring down Verone.

In the wake of obtaining appropriated vehicles and being contracted by Verone as his drivers, the team come back to a Customs/FBI den, where Roman stands up to Markham over the last’s impedance with the mission.

After the circumstances is chilled off, Brian tells Bilkins and Markham that Verone arrangements to sneak the cash into his private stream and take off, additionally suspects some kind of problem with Monica’s part in the mission.

At some point later, Brian and Roman race two other would-be Verone drivers for their autos and start to devise an individual go down arrangement if the operation goes astray.

Roman faces Brian about his appreciation for Monica and the consistent danger of Verone’s men.

Upon the arrival of the mission, Brian and Roman start transporting duffel packs of Verone’s cash, with Enrique (Mo Gallini) and (Roberto Sanchez) riding along.

Prior to the 15-moment window is situated, the investigator in control, Whitworth (Mark Boone, Jr.), chooses to bring in the police to move in for the capture, bringing about a high velocity pursue over the city.

The team lead the police to a distribution center, where a scramble by many road racers bewilder the police.

Taking after the scramble, police figure out how to draw over the Evo and the Eclipse, just to discover that they were determined by two parts of Brian’s new group, Tej Parker (Ludacris) and Suki (Devon Aoki), separately.

As Brian methodologies the end point, Enrique lets him know to make an alternate route far from the runway. In the interim, Roman disposes of Roberto by utilizing an extemporized ejector seat controlled by nitrous oxide.

At the runway, Customs Agents have Verone’s plane and caravan encompassed, just to find they are tricked into an imitation move while Verone is at a pontoon yard a few miles away.

As he knew Monica was a covert specialists, he provided for her the wrong data on the goal guide and arrangements toward utilization her as influence.

At the point when Brian lands at the planned drop-off point, Enrique gets ready to execute him when Roman all of a sudden seems and the both of them dispatch of Enrique.

Verone makes his departure on board his private yacht, however Brian and Roman utilize the Camaro and drive off a slope at high velocity, smashing on top of the yacht.

The twosome figure out how to secure Verone and spare Monica. With their law violations acquitted, Brian and Roman contemplate on what to do next other than to settle in Miami when Brian notice beginning a carport.

Roman asks how they would manage the cost of that and Brian uncovers that he took a portion of the cash, as Roman likewise uncovers that his pockets aren’t vacant, having taken cash for himself.