Which Amazon Echo Device Is Best For You?

Amazon is one of the tech companies that has made tremendous strides in technology.

They debuted the original Echo device a few years ago which raised concern in the tech industry.

It is a smart speaker that houses Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant an Artificial Intelligence helper that assists you to complete different daily tasks using only your voice.

There are different Amazon Echo devices out there with various features. They include:


Echo Buttons

Echo Buttons were announced along with other Echo devices in a September event.

They were seen as devices that bring game night back.

They are like buzzers in trivia games and allow different players to press the top button and answer questions in various Alexa games.

Each of the Echo Buttons has a glowing top that shines in different colors meaning every player can have single color in games.

For the Echo Buttons to work, they must be connected to an existing echo device.

The Echo Buttons are perfect if you have game night with friends regularly but don’t buy if you don’t have an existing Echo device.


Echo Connect

Voice calling and messaging with Alexa are some of the latest features to be added to Echo devices, and the Echo Connect brings that feature to landlines.

The box connects through your VoIP adapter or phone jack and Wi-Fi network.

After completing the setup with Alexa mobile app, you can now ask Alexa to call anyone.

The Echo Connect box acts as a bridge between your phone line and Alexa.

Just like the Echo Buttons, you need another Echo device to use the Echo Connect.

Buy this device if you want Alexa to help make calls for your landline but don’t buy if you don’t have another Echo Device.


Echo Dot

The size and price of the Echo Dot are two significant advantages.

The hockey-puck-sized device gives you access to most of Alexa’s skills and all the inbuilt features of it’s virtual assistant.

The only features that this device isn’t compatible with are Alexa features that require a screen.

The Echo Dot is the device to buy if you want the voice-controlled convenience of Alexa and you have a sound system in place.

If you want Alexa and most of her skills and you don’t want to spend much, this is the device to get.

It’s however not the best high-quality speaker.



This is the device that started it all,but it also got an update.

The new Amazon Echo has a lower price as well as an updated speaker system, refined design to make it blend with home décor a little bit more and improved far-field microphones for Alexa to use to hear you.

It is a decent speaker and houses Alexa making it better than some of the Echo devices.

If you want most of Alexa’s features for a fair price, this is the device to get. Don’t buy the Amazon Echo if you’re going to use Alexa skills that require a screen.



Every other Echo device require a constant power source to function,but this is different with Amazon Tap.

It’s the portable version of the Echo allowing you to take Dolby-quality sound with you along with Alexa and all of her skills.

The Amazon Tap charges using an included charging cradle and provides nine hours of playback before it needs a recharge.

It’s portable but not water resistant and has slings that let you attach the taps to a door handle, backpacks or any other surface.

If connected to a Wi-Fi network, the device can play music from streaming services,and you can also hook it to our mobile device.

This is the device to get if you want a portable speaker that has Alexa built in but you can’t buy it if you’re going to make calls using Alexa on your phone.


Echo Spot

The Magic 8 ball-shaped Echo device with a 2.5-inch display.

It has all the features available in a regular Echo although it’s speaker size is more similar to the Tap.

The screen allows the device to do much more than a conventional Echo device like making video calls through Alexa and you can video chat with anyone who has a similar device.

If you have smart home cameras connected, you can ask Alexa to show you feeds from them viewing them from the Spot’s display.

You can buy this device if you want access to Alexa skills including the video-based ones in a small size device.

It’s however not suitable if you want a device with a large screen that you can use comfortably to watch hours of video.


Echo Plus

The device looks similar to the original Echo but it’s different and now updated.

It’s standout feature is the built-inZigBee smart home hub.

This technology lets the device act as a smart home hub replacing other separate home hub devices.

If you have smart devices in your house, check the protocols they support before buying the Echo Plus to ensure they are ZigBee compatible.

This is the device for you if you want to build a smart home with ZigBee compatible devices,but the device isn’t for you if the smart home devices can’t use the ZigBee protocol.


Echo Show

This is the most expensive and maybe most exquisite Echo in the family.

It has a 7 inch 1024×600 touchscreen,and it was the first Echo to come with a display.

It also has dual two-inch speakers with Dolby technology.

The touchscreen allows you to make video calls with its 5MP camera if the other person has an Echo Show or just the Alexa mobile app.

The device is for you if you video chat with friends and family a lot especially if you prefer Alexa’s visual information.

If you want the essential features of Alexa only, the device isn’t for you. Don’t pay a premium for a 5-inch display.