How to make money from YouTube?

With more than 7 billion videos and 70 million content creators, YouTube is not only the biggest video sharing platform in the world, but is also the second biggest portal, search engine after Google.

YouTube’s Adsense Partner Program has made more millionaires than other any other portal in the world wide web.

If you are not using this cash rich beast to help yourself to a life full of riches, abundance and prosperity, something is really amiss with you.

Here are a few ways to make money from this boundless treasure…

Blogging –

Some people blog for fun, others for money and a select few blog their blues away.

While many blogs are effective when written, others convey the message best when spoken (podcasts) or even better when expressed, such as video blogging.

Video blogging is not only the fastest way to earn money online, but it is also the most effective way to convey a message.

Vloggers as they are called make $1000s from YouTube every single month by just uploading a few videos based on their day to day activity.

Roman Atwood Vlogs, Pointless Blog Vlogs, Dan is Not Interesting and Tyler Oakley are some of YouTube’s popular Vlogs.

Creating Video Tutorials

Probably the easiest way to make money from YouTube is by creating a ‘How to’ Video, it doesn’t get easier than this, here are a few examples..

1, How to make a specific type of recipe?

2, How to learn a coding or a foreign language?

3, How to learn martial arts online?

4, How to workout from home during the COVID-19 crisis?

5, How to make money online?

Promoting Your Product or Service –

You may be a business owner looking for better avenues to promote your product or service in your locality.

All you have to do is create a YouTube channel and upload videos related to your vertical every now and then.

For example, if you are a Plumbing service provider, you can create videos related to fixing a pipe leak, installing a wash basin, replacing an ac outlet pipe, faucet fixing or waterproofing a house.

Make sure to share the videos on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.Sit back and watch your fortunes change over night.

YouTube Rentals –

If you are in the business of making movies or a small time movie maker with legal rights to your work, you can get in touch with YouTube support or any third party agency that supplies movies to YouTube for rental or purchase and request them to put your movies on YT’s platform.

Start a YouTube Licensing Company –

The concept of a YouTube licensing company is as simple as getting the license for a viral video from it’s creator, upload it on YouTube under your banner/channel.

While some creators are more than affable to this concept, there are others who consider this as a trap since they have to sign a contract with the licensing company for a year or two.

YouTube Original Shows –

If you have a good production company or acting skills, you can create a web series in no time along with your friends.

Mayhem Tha Series, LA, Pot Luck Lesbian web series, Twenty The web seres, Triangle and Side Chick are some of the popular YouTube web series as on June 2020.

YouTube for Market Research –

You may be an entrepreneur looking to invest in the most profitable business ventures of today, yet you are still undecided on which ones to choose.

You can collaborate with popular YouTube influencers by requesting them to create videos related to your business vertical or industry.

Once the video gains traction, you can go through the comments section, get the YouTubers school of thought for a specific industry, product or service.

Example: You may be keen to venture into Real Estate business, but are unsure of your customers expectations, budget, purchasing power and affluence.

So, you create a video related to this and upload it through a well known YT influencer’s channel.

Within days of the video going public, you will get answers to all your queries, from the very same people residing in the exact locality, where you want to develop a property in.

Affiliate Marketing through YouTube –

Make no mistake, Affiliate Marketing can make you a millionaire if done with passion, dedication and persistence.

Promoting your affiliate products from Amazon or eBay on YouTube has a much higher conversion rate, rather than when done on a website.

In fact, it is easier to sell an expensive product on YouTube than doing the same through a website using Google Search.

Super expensive mobile phones sell like hot cakes through affiliate links displayed on YouTube.

But if you try the same through a website, not only should you write an exhaustive article but wait for months for Google to index your web page, by the time it gets a decent ranking in Google Search results, the smart phone might have well become obsolete and all your hard work would have been nullified.

Questionnaires, Samples and Surveys –

Every now and then our personal information on popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are compromised by hackers and sold to corporates for millions of dollars.

As unethical as it may sound, many corporates are desperate for your confidential data, so that they can email, sms, call and snail mall product details without your consent.

Unlike cold calling, these email or sms messages contain highly refined product or service info, tailored to suit your taste.

And more often than not, we end buying these things, because we looked for them on Google, Instagram or Facebook sometime earlier.

The same can be done on YouTube by collaborating with a YT influencer, creating videos based on your future customer’s needs and adding a link to questionnaire or survey in the video description.

15 ways to make money from YouTube

Adding Links in YouTube Video Description –

If you own a website and keen to get a sale or two, all you have to do is create content related to your website, add a link to the same in YouTube video description and upload it.

While this may not work for everyone, especially if you have a newly launched YT channel, you can always collaborate with well known YT creators, uploading your videos in their platform.

YouTube Brand Building –

Making money is not the ultimate motive of every single YT creator, there are so many channels out there dedicated to charity, causes, animal welfare and emergency responses.

Besides, you can post community related videos once in a while, even if your channel is a ‘for profit’ entity.

By doing this, your channel will not only be formally recognized by the local community but your product or service will gain a significant amount of brand value.

YouTube SEO for Your Website –

Most of us who own a website know how difficult it is to please a search engine such as Google, even though our content is far better than who rank above us.

In spite of spending countless hours rewriting articles, buying expensive links, we hardly ever get a leverage from Google.

Besides, understanding the way Google’s search engine works could very well be solving the biggest mystery of the universe.

But if you happen to create a content rich, high quality YT video related to your niche, in no time, would you reach the top spot of Google search through YouTube’s domain.

Do make sure to add your website’s link in YT’s video description.

YouTube Partner Programs –

We all know that YouTube is the most successful ad publishing platform after Adsense, unlike Adsense you don’t have to waste your time creating a website, writing content, designing images and repeating the process again and again.

All you have to do is spend a few minutes in front of your mobile camera, talk or do something relevant and upload the video to YouTube.

If YouTube is happy with your content, they will start monetizing it once you reach 1000 subscribers.

Example: Make up tutorials, movie or music video reviews, analyzing sporting events and talking geo politics.

Sponsored Videos –

There are some content creators who make more money from sponsors, than from YouTube partner program.

In fact quite a lot of these creators spend the first or last few minutes of their videos entirely on adverts.

Example : Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell is one such extremely popular YT channel, that is dedicated to making science and philosophical topics every kid’s favorite.

With more than 12 million subscribers, it’s owner Philipp Dettmer candidly asserts at the end of each video that, it’s his sponsors that make every video possible, which implies, earnings from YouTube Partner Program is of no significant value to him.

Funny Videos –

Do you know cats and dogs are the biggest superstars of YouTube? Not only do they get more views than the Kadarshians, they can also make you filthy rich, if you treat them with care, concern and love.

Every time your cat or dog learns a new trick or does something funny, make sure to record them and upload to your YT channel.

Maymo, Talking Kitty Cat, Dodo, Tiger Productions and Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution are some of the most popular YouTube pet channels as on June 2020.