Contractors from various walks of like are taking advantage of YouTube’s established platform to make money and become popular. You too can part of the same fate in the following ways;

15 ways to make money from YouTube

1, Blogging

You need traffic to get your blog on the spotlight; YouTube is your best friend where the others like Hummingbird updates have failed you.

YouTube will help you gain traffic and increase it and all you have to do is remake your older content into unique, fresh and interesting videos.

2, Use Tutorials

Assuming you have something unique the world would enjoy learning, create video tutorials and teach your followers one or two things in your area of expertise.

It can be taekwondo moves, secret recipes, beauty tips, or even home remedies.

Some people would pay to learn something online especially if they are too busy to make a trip for the same services.

3, Products

You can create and sell your products by promoting them on YouTube.

Anything from art, music, apps, or eBooks can be created, added to a shopping cart and attract traffic towards you by simply advertising it. Also, add a link for viewers to purchase it.


4, YouTube Rentals

It gets better as we explore because now your content can be rented out. As the original creator, you can rent out your material and earn.

However, a certain percentage of the profit will go to YouTube but not all users have access to this method.

5, Licensing companies

By helping talented artists license their tracks or videos at an affordable rate, you earn some money.

These artists featuring videos not only sell their product but bring in profit to the company and that’s why your efforts are rewarded.

6, Become a YouTube member

As a member of YouTube, you get to enjoy services and bring in viewers. The more traffic you have, the more income you get.

Consider becoming a YouTube member and invest in your passion. A reward comes on top of that plus becoming a YouTube star is a thing today. Try it.


7, Use YouTube for market research

You may have an excellent idea but lack funds to test your product; post a video on YouTube with product description as well as any important information regarding the item.

Once the comments and views start coming in, absorb what’s thrown at you and use it to improve and sell your product.

8, Promote other people’s products

This method is proven effective and making people rich by simply linking other people’s products on your videos description area.

Once someone buys the product you are promoting, you earn some money. Reviewing affiliate programs has become popular today.

9. Initiate competition

You gain traffic by creating something that will make views engage.

A competition with a promise of an interesting reward will definitely get rewards.

You will get more exposure by using celebrities and popular faces that never lack millions of fans who become your followers and turn into money.

10, Re-directing viewers

This involves directing viewers to another webpage through links. Placing links in your videos’ description will bring traffic to your site and earn a profit.

A lot of bloggers are doing it, but you don’t need to be one for this method to work. Join YouTube.


11, Building your own brand via YouTube

YouTube has helped a lot of people become popular and well known.

Your hobbies, interests, and talent can earn you a spot with Steve Jobs.

Just create some interesting videos and share them through YouTube but always be patient. Original, unique, and crazy ideas tend to attract attention.

12, Be a professional on Meta data

There is a lot of data flowing on the internet calling for attention.

Therefore, you need to ensure that your content can be easily found.

Creator playbook can guide you through creating videos that easily pop up first on the search lists.

The more viewers find you; the more revenue flows your way.

13, YouTube partner programs

Consider joining a YouTube partner program once you have created videos.

By monetizing your content through advertising on this Platform, you earn money.

On top of that, you earn for every thousand of views you get. Cool huh!

14, Funny and interesting video

YouTube is all about entertainment and fun.

Post a video of your cat doing something cute and you get yourself traffic which in turn earns you some income.

Funny videos leave viewers cracking and wanting more, take advantage of people asking for a distraction to earn money.

YouTube is a powerful Video tool to make money.

15, Sponsored videos

Assuming you have a video going viral or simply having many viewers, approach companies that are willing to use your video for their product.

You earn a share from them and YouTube as well.

It’s like having two income sources at the same time.

Recommend products from other companies in your video and see what happens but there is a process to receive your money.