how to restore banned amazon seller account?

E-commerce sellers are enjoying increased sales year-on-year.

However, this might not be all good news for Amazon sellers with an increasing number of Amazon accounts being suspended.

For most of the sellers, Amazon account suspension is a significant risk to their income and reputation as well making the whole experience very stressful.

If you were just hit with the dreaded account suspension, don’t stress so much about it because your account can still be reinstated.

You haven’t reached the final mark yet where your account is banned.

What’s the difference?

• The Suspension means that your account has been suspended,but you have the chance to appeal. Before you do, you will need to work out a plan.

Denied. It means your appeal has been rejected but still have a chance to submit a better-revised plan to get your account reinstated.

Banned. This is now where you hit the final mark and is the worst scenario of all. It means you are out! Your appeal has failed numerous times,and Amazon will not read or reply your emails anymore.

Here, most people think after the account has been banned that they can just go ahead and open another account but not so fast.

You are informed it’s against Amazon terms and conditions to open another account.

how to restore banned amazon seller account?

Appealing Against Your Suspension

Amazon can suspend your account and refuse to give the reason why leaving it to you to find out what happened.

If a suspension notice is given, you need to read it carefully to identify which of their rules you have violated.

The first thing you need to do is conduct a thorough investigation of your account and pay close attention to any ASINs with previous policy warnings.

You also need to read the suspension notice carefully and refer to the Amazon’s policies and agreements page and also check on your Seller Central performance metrics.

If you need more information regarding your suspension and you have access to support, this is a ticket for clarification.

In your appeal, identify the reason for the suspension.

• Take responsibility and accept the harm caused to the customer.

• Tell Amazon you are committed to providing fantastic customer service and also tell them you realize it’s a privilege that you appreciate to be selling on their site.

• Don’t even dare criticize their products quality process.

Increase your chances of a successful appeal by having well researched and thorough internal account findings.

Give the investigators as much information about your suspension as possible.

The investigators might ask for more information,and this means a delayed appeal so avoid that.

Your Plan of Action sent to Amazon should include the reasons why buyers complained about the quality of your products and also contain solutions why it shouldn’t happen again.

Once you draft your appeal and you are ready to submit, visit the performance notification section in your seller central and find your suspension notice then click the Appeal button then submit the Plan of Action.

After this, all you have to do is wait.

Tips for Creating a Good Plan of Action

The Plan of Action requires time and thought.

Don’t just hit the appeal button but instead, lay out an actual case that will motivate Amazon to reinstate your account. Here are some tips:

• Don’t offer commentary about Amazon process and stay professional. Avoid telling criticising their process or telling them how heartbroken you are to lose the account.

• Give them all the facts and keep it simple. Focus more on policy matters,not performance metrics.

• Use numbers or bullets instead of using paragraphs. This is a better way of comprehensively communicating your understanding of what happened step by step along with the steps you have taken to correct it.

• Have a short introductory paragraph. It shows the investigator you have a good grasp of what went wrong and how you resolved it.

• Don’t include commentary about the account review process. Avoid extraneous information and focus on the particular information regarding your problem and fixes.

• If you have received policy warnings, don’t blame the buyers. Work your way backwards assuming there is a legitimate reason behind previous complaints.

• Ensure that the Plan of Action has all the fundamentals that led to the account suspension addressed carefully and accurately to the point.

If you receive a suspension message, don’t panic as this isn’t the end of business for you.

Submit an effective plan of Action,and you will get reinstated. After this, learn from the experience and make sure it doesn’t happen ever again.

Take more time to focus on your sellers account to make sure you don’t raise any flags that can get your account suspended.

If your account is suspended, draft a good Plan of Action and submit it to get your account reinstated.