Difference Between Amazon Prime and Amazon Prime Student

Amazon Prime Student is a fantastic game changer for college and university students who are trying to reap the different benefits that Amazon offers, without having to pay the costly annual fee that usually comes with Amazon Prime.

Amazon Student account was conceived in 2010, after Amazon the e-commerce giant realized, that there are numerous college and university students who are looking to enjoy benefits from Amazon.

The only thing you need to have is an active .edu email address to qualify for the account. There are differences between the two accounts and they also offer different benefits.

Some of these are:

With Amazon Students account, it costs just $$ every year which is only 50% of the Amazon Prime account.

This is the best news for the college and university students who can now easily glean on the different benefits offered by the Amazon Prime Students account.

There is a significant difference in length of the free trials between the two accounts. The standard Amazon Prime free trial is just for 30 days.

After this, you will have to start paying an annual fee of $$ to continue with the enrollment.

On the other hand, Amazon Student’s free trial goes for a full six months and after this, you start paying for the annual subscription of $$.

The Amazon Prime students account also has free two-day shipping as compared to the 30-days free trial of the Amazon Prime that doesn’t have these benefits.

One of the significant benefits of Amazon Prime as compared to Amazon students, is it has Amazon Mom (Amazon Family), which is for the busy mothers out there who are looking for the best deals for the family.

What are the Benefits of Amazon Prime Music?

Some of the benefits you get with the program are 20% off diapers, free two-day shipping, access to prime photos, movies and music and a free Kindle title for the month’s trial period.

You also get Prime Early Access where you get to know the best deals 30 minutes earlier than other Amazon subscribers.

One of the features that Amazon has significantly changed with the Amazon Prime account that used to be a difference between these two accounts is shared membership.

With Amazon Student before the changes, it had single membership account as compared to the Amazon Prime which has shared membership.

Amazon Prime Students can now share their Prime benefits with family members in Amazon.

Up to one other adult and four children can get free two-day shipping for qualified products as well as other features like 20% off diapers and Prime Instant Video.

When it comes to benefits during the free trial periods in both the accounts, there is a slight difference.

The Amazon Prime trial period offers full access to all Prime benefits.

This does not happen with Amazon Students account,but it also has a wide range of limited benefits to provide for the students.

These include:

– Free two-day shipping on most of the purchases

– Free same day shipping for selected zip codes

– With Prime Video, the account offers unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows

– Unlimited photo storage with Prime Photo and these can be securely accessed from anywhere and also shared with friends

– Free game content, ad-free viewing and with Twitch Prime, you get 20% pre-release game discount.

– To save money on dorm essentials, schools supplies, study snacks, and electronics, the account offers exclusive college deals

Advantages of Amazon Prime Student

Prime video streaming was not available and this addition has added value to the free trial period for the students.

It allows the students to save money on entertainment and also allows the students to cancel their Netflix subscription saving big time.

If you are a long time shopper, Amazon Prime is the account for you.

It is cost effective and incredibly useful in the long run especially if you are a regular shopper on Amazon.

This is the account for those regular shoppers because the more you shop, you qualify for speedy shipping and numerous discounts.

On top of that, you can bundle everything you want in one place from your entertainment needs to shopping.

Amazon Prime offers free shipping on orders below $35 and it also offers Prime Day once every year and this beats the deals you get on Amazon Student account.

Both Amazon Prime and Amazon Student are excellent services if you are planning to use Amazon for more than the occasional online purchases.

The free two-day shipping policy is an added advantage because other online retailers are doing away with this kind of shipping policies.

However, being able to bundle up Prime Music, Prime video and Prime Reading means all your hobbies and shopping as either a working adult or a college student can be satisfied hassle-free on Amazon.