How To Get A Spotify Premium Account Free?

Spotify Premium subscription totally Free

Spotify has two tier system which includes a free account and a paid one called Spotify Premium.

It’s no secret that Spotify Premium has more to offer than the free tier and users are going crazy about how to get into the Premium plan for free which is legally possible.

As a Swedish Entertainment brand, Spotify offers online music streaming services with more than 50 million songs for users to listen to or download.

From popular music labels and media companies, Spotify hosts exclusive album titles, songs, and incredible features like a free download, social share, own library, mobile app, unlimited music streaming, easy to use interface, etc. which make your experience more fun.

However, some of these features can only be accessed through paid subscription which costs $9.99  a month.

Here are a few of the many ways you can get Spotify Premium for free,

Spotify Premium Free Code Generator

Similar to all other brands, Spotify does offer free coupons, promo codes, and gift cards to keep users interested and promote their services.

These offers get you Spotify Premium services for free, and you can redeem them in your Spotify account by entering the secret code.

Beware of websites which claim to be the right code generator; chances are, they don’t have the right codes, or they will give you enough viruses to crash your system.

Besides, even if you got the right codes via these dummy sites and software, Spotify will know, and you will probably lose the opportunity.

The random codes they provide users serve as bait for you to enter your details which they use for different spasm or install malware in your system.

Legal is better than regret, and it will cost you nothing when you employ Spotify’s best goodies right from their site.

Hacked free Android App Spotify Premium

Though it doesn’t offer all the features in Spotify Premium, this app gets you unlimited skips.

Some users develop it, and it is gaining popularity now since you can skip to your favorites.

They have adverts even though they claim to have none.

Offline listening is not on their menu which is very disappointing… it’s one feature that users would love to have to save mobile data.

Social sharing of playlists is not available, and viruses are there, but the app actually works.

Login with your new email and download it. Security concerns are there so continue at your own risk.

Time Shifting

As the easiest way to get, time shifting was discovered by a user who came across a big software related bug in Spotify app programming.

All you have to do is subscribe with Spotify Premium, get afree 7-day trial then go to the settings and alter your phone date a year back.

You will have a year plus days of free trial, but it comes at a price of errors here and there.

A lot of users use this technique and get a free premium account but what happens when your phone automatically corrects your date? You will be charged immediately.

Besides, your other apps need the proper time to operate perfectly which is why the trick is not perfect for everyone.

Apps like YouTube, Hangouts, Chrome or messengers like Whatsapp work when time matches the version in play.

However, it’s your decision whether to use it or not. Otherwise, it works fine.

Other legal ways to get Spotify Premium free or with discount

Limited Period Offer

At times, Spotify surprises users with limited offers which go as low as 0.99 dollars.

At this time, you get Spotify Premium free, especially access to features that you would usually pay a lot more to use.

Spotify Premium Trials

Spotify is one of the very few streaming giants that has been offering a three month free trial to it’s first time users for a long time.

Even during the COVID-19 crisis they did not pause the offers, instead presented many plans, including the Spotify Family Plan, at a one time steeply discounted pricing.

For three months or so, new users get Spotify Premium for free, and if you are lucky, they extend the free trials which are better if you stay updated.

Multiple Accounts

Create multiple Spotify accounts using different credit cards or PayPal accounts.

With PayPal, you select the mode of payment while you subscribe to Spotify Premium then revisit your PayPal account to cancel the automatic payment choice and you will not be charged.

Charges won’t be placed after the free trial ends, and you haven’t canceled your subscription.

However, the trick is rarely working now.

Refer a friend

Get five of your friends to use Spotify and score yourself Spotify Premium free for months.

Their discounts on students, family plans and Spotify Premium with PlayStation will give you access to their amazing features for as little as 2 dollars.

This is no tricky business. You can get Spotify Premium for free legally and enjoy streaming music online more than you can imagine.