Live performance of Pharrell Williams

If you don’t know Pharrell Williams, then you are not aware of the phenomenal music that makes your hormones happy.

He is an American rapper, singer-songwriter and record producer.

His full name is Pharrell Williams (#ad), unlike most artists of his caliber who don’t use their real names.

He is a musical genius whose songs have hit the airwaves for so long and he is also a known coach at The Voice.

He has gone through troubling times but he has always pulled through and kept on moving forward.

He is quite a positive and secretive person and that’s why not so much is known about him. One of the best things about him that most of his fans admire are his stunning looks.

His skincare routine is one of the best and he takes very good care of his skin. Most of his fans are shocked at his appearances and some even think he is a vampire.

With all of the things Pharrell has done, let’s dive in and see the secrets which Pharrell doesn’t want us to know.

Pharrell Williams hates McDonalds

1. He Worked for McDonald’s

Before becoming the music mogul, Pharrell used to work in restaurants.

He has worked at the McDonalds, where he was fired from, before discovering his music talent.

Were it not for his music talent, life would be so hard for him right now.

Most of these restaurants advocated other restaurants not to hire Pharrell.

Pharrell Williams is a horrible cook

2. Pharrell is a Bad Cook

The reason Pharrell was fired from most of the restaurants where he worked is because he was a bad cook.

One restaurant discredited him saying he burns the burgers and steals nuggets.

So much hate about one person from more than three restaurants.

Mcdonalds fired Pharrell Williams thrice

3. Fired Three Times

Before his musical talents became so evident, Pharrell was so good at getting fired.

He was employed by three employers including McDonalds (#ad), all of who were disgusted by him and fired him, simply because he was too lazy to work.

Some of these employers went to the extent of discrediting him to other employers saying he was so bad.

Pharrell Williams with Michael Jackson

4. Wrote Songs for Michael Jackson

Pharrell Williams is an iconic songwriter, singer, producer and rapper.

He has worked with numerous top rated artists and believe it or not, Michael Jackson is one of them.

The King of Pop had some of his songs written by Pharrell but avoided the same getting produced by him to try and keep it a secret.

Seth Rogan was coached by Pharrell Williams

5. Voice Coached Seth Rogan

If you don’t know Seth Rogan, you probably ain’t a movies fan or maybe you haven’t come across any of his movies which is weird.

However, did you know actors also go to voice classes? I didn’t either.

Seth was voice coached by Pharrell Williams for his role in Lion King.

Helen and Pharrell Williams truly love each other

6. Feminist

Who would have thought Williams is a feminist? Well, he is a staunch one but also a controversial one.

He curated an art show in Paris in a bid to pay tribute to femininity but he did so using male artists.

Robin Thickie and Pharrell Williams stole Marvin Gaye lyrics

7. Stole Lyrics

Such a good songwriter and producer but he still had to steal lyrics from another song.

Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams were sued over the hit song Blurred Lines.

They lost the suit and were ordered to pay millions. Pharrell sued Gaye’s family after they lost but the decision was upheld.

Pharrell Williams wrote songs for Ariana Grande on Manchester attacks

8. Forced Ariana to Write about Manchester

We all know of the Manchester tragedy where a suicide bomber killed people during Ariana’s show in Manchester.

Ariana declined to speak about it until Pharrell forced her to comment or say something and she said she was so sorry.

Pharrell Williams hat pics

9. Racially Insensitive?

It’s hard to believe such a person like Pharrell could be racist?

He was however accused several times of cultural misappropriation by the Hindus, first after the Adidas ad then by the South Dakotas.

He wore a headdress that was only worn by chiefs or natives and it sparkled arguments on social media.

Pharrell Williams is rumored to be an illuminati

10. He is a Freemason

Not sure of the foundation of the rumors or how strong the rumors are, but Pharrell is rumored to be a Satanist.

Different videos have surfaced on the internet with Pharrell making satanic signs.

He maybe or maybe not but all that stuff about freemasons and him is scary.

Pharrell Williams supports the LGBT community

11. Advocates for the LGBT Community

He supported Ellen DeGeneres when she shut off an artist Kim Burrell, who is also a pastor, after she made homophobic rants.

Pharrell has done a song with Kim Burrell, but on this one he had to support Ellen and she was happy about it.

Pharrell Williams has Synesthesia

12. He has Synesthesia

This is the ability to see and associate music with beautiful color spectrums.

This would explain his love for music and why he is greatly attracted to the same.

Musical notes and lyrics to him all seem like color spectrums.

Pharrell Williams crying

13. He is a Crier

This is no secret as there is a YouTube video where Pharrell cried on Oprah Winfrey’s show.

Oprah played a video posted by people from all over the world singing to Pharrell’s song “Happy”.

Pharrell Williams wearing hat and shades

14. Hates Negative Press

If you ever want Pharrell to miss performing at any event, you should surround it with bad press.

He dropped out of performing from an Cannes Mega Gala event due to negative press.

Pharrell Williams extremely sad

15. An All-Time Producer

A US survey found that more than 42 percent of the songs played on radio at any one time were produced by Pharrell or he had something to do with the songs.

Live performance of Pharrell Williams

16. Controversial Friendly Kiss

During Ellen’s birthday party, Jennifer Aniston gave Pharrell a friendly kiss maybe because she was happy.