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One of the most sensational voices of the R&B music world is the sweet voice of Aaliyah (#ad).

She was one of the best R&B artists in the world, but her world was surrounded by controversy.

The single controversy that ruined her life and it was tragic.

This controversy is none other than R Kelly.

She was a peaceful talented girl ,but once she met R Kelly and decided to work with him, all hell broke loose.

Her life took a tragic turn. She became successful, but her success and fame were short-lived.

It was such a sad day for the fans who loved her because of her talent and amazing voice.

R Kelly is no saint but the bitter truth is, he has destroyed the lives of many young girls, with most of them being budding musicians looking for an opportunity.

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He has been accused so many times of child pornography, and up until her death, no one knew what happened to her since she met him.

He might not have been the source of all her problems, but he definitely made it worse.

She did things in her life that she hid from everyone including her parents under his influence.

Enough about Kelly. Aaliyah had secrets and its sad that we are going to spill them here:

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1. Married at 15

This must have been a devastating time for her parents.

She met R Kelly (#ad) when she was just 12 and when she was 15, they secretly got married.

Their marriage, however, ended six years later and at the age of 22, she died tragically. Coincidence?

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2. Her Name Aaliyah

So many artists have different stage names with different meanings, but Aaliyah’s was unique in every way.

Not sure where she got the name from, but in Arabic, the name means the most high one or the most exalted one.

Maybe she was in R Kelly’s cult after all.

Aliyah dated Jay Z before R Kelly

3. A Fling with Jay Z

If R Kelly heard of this, he would bolt or even go mad.

During her rise to fame, Aaliyah was rumored to have had a fling with the founder of Tidal Music, the rapper Jay Z (#ad).

This was revealed by Dame Dash who was working with Jay-Z at that time and the above picture substantiates Dame Dash’s statement.

R Kelly faked Aaliyahs age to marry her

4. She Lied in Her Marriage Certificate

Not sure how people fell for this but according to a marriage certificate between Aaliyah and Kelly, it’s indicated that she was 18 years old.

This was a lie since she was just 15 at the time and Rev. Nathan J. Edmond fell for it.

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5. Brainwashed

According to Aaliyah and R Kelly, the illegal marriage never happened despite the marriage certificate surfacing.

She denied the unlawful marriage, but the blood was on her lips already, many of her fans claim that Kelly had brainwashed her to deny the marriage.

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6. Legal/illegal Marriage

Her marriage with Kelly was legal according to her lies on the certificate, and this was confirmed when she filed a suit in Cook County apparently under the influence of R Kelly to seal the records relating to that marriage.

Mystery behind Aaliyahs death

7. Marriage Annulled

Even before the couple broke up, Aaliyah and R Kelly annulled their marriage.

After they got married secretly, Aaliyah’s parents knew about it and they were fuming.

They demanded her to annul the marriage, and she did it.

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8. Aaliyah was Pregnant

In 2011, a book leaked online and it was written by a former member of R Kelly’s entourage Demetrius Smith Sr.

In the book, he wrote that Kelly had gotten Aaliyah pregnant and he was the one who said it from his mouth.

He sounded like a man who would burst into tears any time when he confessed to him.

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9. A Series of Abortions

Aaliyah had a series of abortion at the time she was with R Kelly during her rise to fame.

She became pregnant three times and had all those abortions before she eventually broke it off with Kelly and moved back to her parent’s house in Detroit.

Aaliyah with her brother

10. Timbaland was Secretly in Love with Her

Timbaland met Aaliyah for the first time before he started working with her and he fell in love with her.

Unlike R Kelly, he was mature enough to note she was underage and he instead became her brother.

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11. Sacrificed by Kelly

According to rumors surrounding her death, Aaliyah was sacrificed by paedophile R Kelly to prevent her from testifying in the court, for the numerous affairs he had with underage girls.

Aaliyah and Kelly were married, and it was said, she was the only person who could give a clear picture of Kelly’s relationships with younger women but she never made it to court.

One eyed pose of Aaliyah

12. The One Eye Trademark

If you take a look at most of Aaliyah’s pictures, one of her eyes is covered with some of her hair.

This was her trademark and it was inspired by her mother.

Aaliyah her mum and dad with Bill Clinton

13. A Taste of the White House

Apart from Jay-Z and Beyoncé, not many artists get invited to the White House to perform for the president, but Aaliyah was one of them.

She performed for President Bill Clinton at the White House for Christmas.

Aaliyah loved Damon Dash but R Kelly threatened her

14. Almost got Legally Married to Damon Dash

Damon is one of the co-founders of The Roca Fella Foundation and he was in a serious relationship with Aaliyah which almost led to a marriage.

He had even warned her, not to go to the video shoot the day she died.

Aaliyah has a very high IQ

15. ‘Super Learned’

Did you know that Aaliyah went to high school and graduated with a 4.0 GPA? Now you know.

She wasn’t a typical student however, because she always had a bodyguard accompany her even to school and in class.