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Roxette is a Swedish duo and it consists of Marie Fredriksson who does the vocals and the keyboard and Per Gessle who does guitar and vocals too.

The duo was formed in 1986 and they became an international act after they released the album Look Sharp.

They later released Joyride in 1991 and it was as successful.

Live performance by Roxette

The duo didn’t stop there as they went ahead and achieved nineteen of the Top 40 Hits in the UK and four US number ones.

The duo graced the television for some time and all of that time was worth it all.

They first met in Halmstad Sweden where Gessle was performing in Gyllene Tider, a popular Sweden band at the time while Marie was performing in a less successful band.

Roxette Must Have Been Love

The two later broke off from their respective bands and went solo before they met and made the duo Roxette.

The duo is more of a band and they have done so many hit songs including “Never ending Love”, “Don’t Bore Us”, “Get to the Chorus” among many others.

These were among the first ever songs to be released by the band.

The band was famous at a time when the internet was evolving and they have managed to stay out of trouble and off the spotlight for some time.

However, let’s see some of the unknown facts on the band today:

Live performance of Marie Fredriksson

1. Marie Had a Brain Tumor and The Duo Had to Stop Touring

Health is the ultimate wealth in this world and having good health is a blessing.

While the duo was still active in the millennium, they had to stop recording and touring after Marie was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

It shook her but she kept going on.

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2. Marie Fredriksson Sang Happy Birthday in a Wedding

She was either stoned high or the joke was not bad or good enough.

She once got invited to a wedding and the first thing she thought of is singing happy birthday.

She however performed later in the same wedding more serious.

Hot pics of Marie Fredriksson Roxette

3. Marie Hated Her Name

Her full name is Gun-Marie and she hated the name.

She struggled with the name up until she grew up and wanted to change it.

She dropped the name Gun in college and started calling herself Maggie.

Roxettes Marie Fredriksson is a chain smoker

4. Chain Smoker

Marie was a chain-smoker.

She used to smoke a lot of cigarettes up until she became pregnant.

Before that, she had tried to give them up with no avail. Up to today, she still smokes at parties.

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5. Marie Started Smoking When She Was Young

When Marie was eleven years old, she was caught smoking.

Out of fear that she would be severely punished, she ran to the balcony and broke her nose.

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6. Marie was Secretly Married

Some rumors erupted that Marie was married.

She was married to a drummer Gert Claeson.

It has never been confirmed but it could be true to some extent.

Joyride was Roxettes first Hot 100 no 1 song

7. Arrested for Being in a Stolen Car

The duo has a song called “Joyride”, but that is not what they were expecting on that fateful day.

They were arrested for being in a stolen car and Marie said they were taking Joyride way too far.

Roxette drank beer before live performance to avoid nervous breakdown

8. They Drank Before Hitting the Stage

Roxette was a famous duo but they were nervous about hitting the stage for so many times.

They would ask for water and beer backstage before coming out to perform. Not the extremely drunk drinking but the tipsy kind.

Marie Fredriksson loved to play football

9. Own Goal

When Marie was playing football with a home team in her hometown, she scored an own goal against her team.

Marie Fredriksson still maintains her slim looks

10. Still Maintains The Look

The band has been out of play for a long time but they are still a wonderful team.

The two still have the performing looks and maybe the energy is a bit gone but it still remains in them.

They might be old but they still rock.

Marie Frediksson has two kids with Micke Bolyos

11. Marie is Happily Married

Not so many people know who she is married to but let me give you a hint.

She rarely uses the name Bolyos which she got after she got married.

Her husband Micke Bolyos is a Swedish composer, producer and a musician, who had a successful musical career in the early 80s.

Marie Fredriksson was the vocalist and  Per Gessle was the gutarist for Roxette

12. Famous Up to Now

The good thing with releasing awesome music is your fans never forget you.

Their songs get played on radios up to now and they are some of the best songs that don’t age.

Their song it must have been love received the Million Air Award after getting played more than 5 million times in the US.

The Look by Roxette

13. The First Swedish Band To Make It Big in America

When Roxette started recording their songs, they had no idea the kind of impact hey would have on the world.

The band is originally from Sweden but they made it big in the US such that they had to hold a show there to show solidarity to their fans.

Joyride by Roxette

14. “It Must Have Been Love” was Initially a Christmas Song

The song took a long route to success and it languished as one of their less popular songs for almost three years, before it was revealed that the song was written as a Christmas track.

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15. No More Tours

The duo in 2016 put a stop to touring the world after Marie was scheduled to undergo a surgery for malignant brain tumor removal.