15 Hidden Secrets Of Justin Timberlake

Sexy pics of Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake (#ad) born Justin Randall Timberlake who rose to fame as a child star on the Mickey Mouse Club in the early 90s is one of the most popular artists today.

Not so many people know about his life since he keeps things to himself, but it doesn’t mean he is as clean as people think.

He made it big after he joined the boy band N Sync (#ad) and he became the obsession of every teenage girl at that time.

He then became a solo singer and an actor. He dated Britney Spears for some time and broke up with her in 2002 and became a lone wolf.

He is a successful man in his career with multiple awards in his closet but are they the only things in his closet?

Let’s find out:

1. Cheated on Jessica Biel

We all know that Jessica and Timberlake are married, and they have a kid but did he cheat on her?

In 2010 October, there was chatter that Justin cheated with Olivia Munn, a television actress.

According to an inside source supplying the information, Justin got her number when they met at Myspace event, and he relentlessly pursued her.

2. “Justin Stole Our Tips”

Justin has a successful chain of restaurants, but that has come a long way.

50 employees at his restaurant, Southern Hospitality, sued him for stolen tips and unfair wages.

They claimed they weren’t paid for their overtime and their tips weren’t cashed out to them.

Justin lost a lot of credibility after this incident, but he eventually recovered.

3. Intimate with Britney Spears

The story of who cheated between Britney Spears (#ad) and Justin Timberlake has never been clear.

However, the two shared some good moments together, and Justin unknowingly ratted Britney out.

She said in an interview, she wanted to remain a virgin, but then Justin said, they shared many romantic moments together.

4. Drug and Substance Abuse

Justin has never been known to be addicted to drugs, but that doesn’t eliminate the possibilities of drug use in his life.

He admitted that he leads a demanding life and sometimes people like him need to shut off their brains.

He attended the Coachella high, and he saw Nine-inch Nails because of how high he was!

5. Broke the NSYNC’ Band

Justin was a member of the boy band NSYNC, and they made great music with him, becoming an obsession for every teenage girl at that time.

He, however, broke off the group, under the pretext that he was deeply disturbed by his breakup with Britney, but the breakup never made it to the news.

6. Punk’d and Shed Tears For It

Ashton Kutcher decided to set up Justin for a TV show, and he wasn’t thrilled.

In the show, Government Agents showed up at his house and accused him of tax evasion.

They took most of his beloved possessions, and he broke into tears trying to plead with them.

7. “Justin Sets a Bad Example to Our Son” – Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel (#ad) wants his son to be independent, but at the same time, she doesn’t want him to follow in the footsteps of his dad.

She said Justin has come from far and struggled through a lot of things to be where he is, and it’s not something she could wish for her son.

8. Justin’s Grandma Spilled The Beans

Anytime a rumour about Justin or his affairs, his grandma Bomar always sold him out.

She announced that her grandson had popped the question to Jessica and the two went on a vacation together.

Maybe out of love but sometimes she went too far.

9. Madonna Had Him Strip and Shared His Assets to The World

Justin was practising at Madonna’s studio, and he said he wasn’t feeling very well.

The crazy Madonna had him strip exposing his butt and gave him a Vitamin B12 injection. She shared the pic on Instagram too!

10. Expensive Leftovers

We all know leftovers are to be thrown out not auctioned. Well, not Justin’s leftovers.

He ate breakfast at a diner and left some French toast in his plate.

The waiter stole the half-eaten toast and sold it on eBay for $1025!

11. He is Passive Aggressive

Everyone always sees a smile from Justin Timberlake, but behind that smile is a passive aggressive guy.

After they broke up with Britney, he did a video for the song “Cry Me a River” where he had a Britney look-alike being a cheating girlfriend.

12. Covered up for Britney

The real reason why the two broke up isn’t known up to now.

This is because he promised Britney to never talk about what happened to them. He has a big heart.

13. Racially Insensitive

Justin got himself in a twitter turmoil once when he tweeted about Jesse Williams speech at the BET Awards.

He said that the more people realise they are the same, the more they can have a conversation.

Twitter exploded with comments and Justin tweeted again to apologise ,saying he felt inspired by the speech and he felt we are all one, as a human race.

14. In Trouble with the Law

During the 2017 elections, Justin posted a selfie he took while voting and it got him in trouble.

He didn’t know cell phones are prohibited in voting booths and those caught were supposed to do a 30 days’ jail term or a $50 fine.

15. Mama’s Boy

There’s nothing Justin has done that his mother doesn’t know!