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Born Michael Ray Stevenson on the 19th of November, 1989, Tyga has a Vietnamese-Jamaican ancestry, with his mom being born and bought up in Saigon, Vietnam.

Being one of the biggest names in the hip hop scenes of the mid 2000s, getting a multi million dollar contract with Young Money Records for just two albums, raised a lot of eye brows in 2011.

Apart from dating a minor, Tyga has been accused of coining his upbringing, especially a tough childhood in Compton, but in reality, he actually grew up in the posh suburbs of Gardena.

Inspite of confessing to his elite upbringing in Gardena on a secret recording.

Tyga has vehemently denied the visuals of the video recording, asserting he is a warrior from Compton, toughening it out in the concrete jungle, rising through the ranks, through his ability to rap.

The truth is, Tyga was born in Compton and lived there until he was 11 or 12. But moved to Gardena in 2000, thanks to his mom and the maternal fraternity.

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Tyga grew up listening to Lil Wayne, Fabulous and Eminem, was deeply inspired by Lil Wayne in particular, took him as his role model and tried to emulate his rapping’ style.

And indeed it was Lil Wayne, who took the struggling young rapper under his wings, helping him clinch a humongous deal with the Young Money records.

As his popularity soared, so did his bank balance and of course, the gold diggers too.

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And when he started dating a 14 year old Kylie Jenner in 2011, tabloids and magazines started covering him like a A-list celebrity, which of course boosted his album sales.

Tyga has never been the same again, let’s look at some of the secrets this rapper has under his sleeves:

Tyga chanted with Kylie Jenner with Blanc China and Annalu the Brazilian model

1. He Cheated

When Tyga was dating Kylie Jenner, she was very much concerned about his loyalty, since she thought Tyga was cheating on her every other day.

Of course he did, not only with his female fans but with some hookers too.No wonder, she had many ‘ons’ as soon as they broke up.

Kylie Jenner had sex with Travis Scott while dating Tyga

2. He was Cheated on Too

Once upon a time there was a young girl called Kylie who was madly in love with Tyga.

But Tyga’s addiction to sex is stronger than his loyalty to ice, as he wanted to f*ck every woman he laid his eyes on.

Poor Kylie was devastated when she came to know about her true love’s amorous affairs.

She never confronted him, instead she became a nymphomaniac herself, got impregnated by Travis Scott and shut Tyga up without uttering a word.

Tyga was manipulated by the Kadarshians

3. Tyga on a Leash

From the very moment Tyga joined the hip-hop industry, he became a play boy and dating Kylie wasn’t going to change a thing.

But the Kardashians were not too impressed with his sybarite lifestyle and were desperate to reign him in.

They expected him to act in a particular way, started messing with his schedule, telling him where to go or where not to go, apart from hiring spies to monitor his movements.

Tyga and Kylie Jenner dated for a long time

4. He Wouldn’t Date Kylie Again, If He Ever Had A Chance

After a long time since the two broke up, Tyga was asked by Nicki Minaj in an interview, if he missed keeping up with Kylie.

Tyga said he is good and would instead let that go, than go back to being with her.

Tyga named many of Kylie Jenners Makeup kits

5. Dating a Minor

Even though Tyga made it official with Kylie (on Instagram) when she was 17 in October 2014, unofficially he was dating her or having a relationship with her since November 2011, when she was just 13 or 14 years old.

If not for Kylie Jenner, Tyga could have very well ended behind the bars, for soliciting a minor girl. Only Kylie knows what games he played with her at such a tender age.

But she decided to downplay it, as it was Tyga, who was the real brain behind Kylie Cosmetics, ideating, planning and motivating Kylie to set up a cosmetics company.

He himself has revealed this in many interviews, that the names of her make-up and lip kits, were coined by none other than Mr Tyga himself.

Tyga was depressed after Kylie Jenner breakup

6. Cries When He is Lonely

No one in this world is as honest as a drunk individual or a kid.

These are the most honest people around and you can definitely add a lonely Tyga to that list.

According to a close source, he cries whenever he is lonely, and is often lost in thoughts.

Tyga went bankrupt after Kylie Jenner breakup

7. Bankruptcy Haunted Him

When he was dating Kylie Jenner, the Kardashian family didn’t take Tyga seriously, and it’s like they never wanted anything to do with him in the first place.

Things got weird, when it was rumored that Tyga had financial problems.

They thought he would become dependent on Kylie and were advising her to kick him out.

Thankfully he never went bankrupt.

Tyga and Kylie Jenner cheated each other for a long time

8. Evicted From His House For Not Paying Rent

Tyga is known to be one of LA’s worst celebrity tenants.

He doesn’t pay rent in most of places he stays and has been to court countless times, to respond to lawsuits filed by his landlords, for not paying rent.

He once failed to show up in court and an arrest warrant was issued on his name.

Tyga and Kylie Jenner dated for a while

9. Broke Pretending to be Rich

Way back in December 2010, before he signed up with Young Money Records, Tyga had filed for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy in response to a lawsuit filed by his Tarzana, California rental home owner.

Not only did he default on the $89,000 rent for 3 months, but was even unable to pay the interest amount of $35,000.

Neither the court nor the landlord were ready to believe him, as no reprieve was given to him.

He settled the rent , 5 years later in 2015, all the while accumulating interest for the same.

Tyga and Brazilian model Annalu are very close

10. He was Caught Cheating

Tyga was caught cheating red handed by Kyle and he has elaborated the entire incident in his 2018 mix tape Kyoto, where he refers to her as ‘my angel’

Tyga was going bald before he had a hair transplant

11. Secret Surgery

Only bald men know the real pain of losing hair and Tyga definitely did not want to be one of them.

Apparently, he had a hair transplant and Nicki Minaj accidentally spilled the beans on Twitter.

Kylie Jenner betrayed Tyga by sleeping with Travis Scott

12. He Called Kylie a Hoe

Seems like he is still obsessed with her but a close source told us that he still blows up her phone with calls now and then, especially when he is drunk.

He even cries saying how he misses her and is lonely without her.

Tyga could be Kylie Jenners daughter Stormis biological father

13. He Could be Kylie’s Daughter’s Father

A few weeks after the two broke up, Kylie hooked up with Travis Scot, and within no time, she was pregnant with his daughter.

This made Tyga fume and he said he might be the child’s dad.

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14. Bitter and Ready to Spill the Beans

After Kylie and Tyga broke up, Tyga was infuriated, and he wanted to spill all the secrets he knew about the Kardashians.

He started by bashing out his ex and calling her a hoe in a nightclub and the Kardashians are now worried he might spill their secrets.

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15. He Once Owned a Tiger!

Tyga loves exotic animals and unlike in Dubai where they pet these animals, Tyga had to let it go because of stringent American and Californian laws.