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A few months before XXX was executed by a hit squad, he posted a creepy Insta story, where he blames Drake, if he were to be murdered.

Drake repeatedly dissed about XXX getting murdered so much so, that Tentacion was forced to buy an expensive sports bike, to dodge upcoming hitmen’s bullets.

He was monitored 24/7 by the syndicate, he hardly stood a chance even if he had bought that expensive Reva sports bike with that $50,000.

His uncle who was with him on that fateful June afternoon, walked right through the line of fire, without even getting scratched.

Yet, these hired killers won’t be hanged, serving only a life sentence and will be out on bail in a few years time.

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Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy was born on 23rd of January, 1998 in Plantation Florida to a teen mother, Cleopatra Bernard,  who was barely able to sustain herself.

While is father was deported back to Jamaica for a drug related offence, it was his maternal grandma that brought him up with love and affection.

A childhood filled with violence and rage, a 6 year old Onfroy almost stabbed a fully grown man, for teasing his mom.

A huge fan of Disney movies,  he has more than 39 million subscribers on YouTube and was truly an internet-borne celebrity.

Inspired by Kurt Cobain, here are some interesting facts on XXX Tentacion.

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1. Cracked Open Skulls

Young Onfroy wanted to join the school choir, but ended up breaking a choirmate’s skull, as he was flirting with Onfroy’s crush, getting him expelled from the school instantly.

10 years later when he was in juvenile detention, Onfroy smashed the head of his cellmate on the wall and cracked it open.

He then said he wiped the blood on his face.

2. Meditation and Reincarnation

When cracking skulls and breaking bones didn’t inspire Tentacion anymore, he turned his attention to yoga and meditation.

However short-lived, it did bring about a change in him, as it softened him up and his belief in reincarnation and after-life were reflected in his lifestyle and lyrics, for a while.

A drunk fan punches and knocks out xxxtentacion

3. Knocked Out by a Fan

In 2017, he was knocked out cold by a fan when he was performing on stage in San Diego.

The fan jumped from the crowd, punched him knocking him out.

The stage invader was arrested, but he got him a good one.

xxxtentacion even abused drakes mother

4. Beef with Fellow Artists

XXXTentacion had beef with so many individuals and artists.

The most prevalent one being with Drake. He called out Drake many times on podcasts and Twitter.

Accusing him of stealing his “Look at Me” tune, he further humiliated Drake by framing his “Hotline Bling” , as a rip off from “Cha Cha” by Dram.

He even challenged Drake to a rap duel and unnecessarily dragged his mother in their beef.

A ruthless Drake released “I’m Upset”, a few months after XXX’s passing and it goes on like this “SMS, triple X That’s the only time I ever shoot below the neck “.

5. Drake’s Security Kicked Subpoena Servers

Defense lawyers have been trying a serve Aubrey Graham aka Drake, a subpoena for more than 5 years.

For half a decade, Drake used million dollar lawyers to quash the subpoena but the unrelenting judge, finally took a firm stand and compelled Drake to depose before the court room.

But on Feb 14, 2023, when subpoena servers entered Drake’s California mansion, they were threatened with a forty-five and literally kicked out, by a furious mob of enraged security personnel.

XXXTentacion jailed for beating his wife

6. Jailed

If he weren’t dead, he would probably be in jail right now.

He had 15 felony charges before he was shot and killed.

xxxtentacion brutally thrashed his pregnant wife

7. Beat Up His Pregnant Girlfriend

XXXTentacion was a troubled young man. Back in 2016, he was arrested for beating up his pregnant girlfriend, Geneva Ayala.

Apart from punching, strangling, slapping and head-butting her for more than 15 minutes, it is alleged that he tried to use a barbecue fork to pierce her vagina and rip off his unborn baby.

XXXtentacion beat up his wife so bad she had a miscarriage

8. His Girlfriend Had a Miscarriage

Geneva might have stopped him from stabbing the bbq fork on her vagina, but the repeated blows to her belly didn’t stop the inevitable.

Unable to withstand the onslaught, the embryonic angel instantly collapsed, leaving Geneva with no other choice but to abort it.

Tenth child of an immigrant father, she had no choice but to set up a Gofundme page, to foot her medical expenses.

  • xxxtentacion tried to kill himself

9. Ruthless Gang Member

He suspected Geneva of infidelity, collaborating with rival rappers, thrashed her viciously and got the baby aborted.

But his rage was hardly contained, as he ordered his homies to beat up a 16-year-old, with specific instructions to disfigure him.

XXXtentacion is an open satanist

10. Mark of the Beast

Apparently, XXXTentacion has the mark of the beast, and he told a woman he is a big walking demon.

Looking at his face and body, many would say this and there are even more YouTube videos, dwelling on this very topic right now.

xxxtentacion is always angry

11. Addicted to Anime

Apart from watching Disney movies and The Fast and Furious saga, XXX loved watching anime, TripleX had completed 279 anime, preferring English subbed ones to those retarded dubbed anime.

A big fan of SAO, Blue Exorcist, Naruto, Death Note and Parasyte, his mom Cleopatra is planning to release a XXX anime, to honor her son’s legacy.

12. Friends with The Weeknd and Billie Eilish

XXX shared an affable relationship with very few artists, with Billie Eilish and The Weeknd being the select few.

Apart from sharing book recommendations with The Weeknd, he exchanged texts and spoke with Billie for hours and they did share a very special bond indeed.

XXXtentacion always abuses his girl friend

13. The Unfortunate One

Jenesis Sanchez, XXX’s girl friend during his last days, ensured the continuation of his posterity by giving birth to a baby boy named, Gekuyme.

She lives a life of luxury along with Tentacion ‘s mom, loved and admired not only by XXX’s fans but the entire music fraternity.

On the other side stands, Geneva Ayala, battered and bruised, not only losing her child but also her right to sit at the table.

Chased away from XXX’s funeral, loathed by his fans, ignored by the mainstream media, she is one unfortunate soul.

Tentacion never wrote her name on his will, she never claimed any money from his family.

All that she ever received from XXX was the $5000, he donated to her,  on her Gofundme page, for the beastly injuries he unleashed on her.

14. Boatwright Blows Kisses at Tentacion’s Mom

During the murder trial in April 2023, triggerman Michael Boatwright looked straight into Tentacion’s moms’ eyes, smiled at her and blew kisses at her,  implying he has no regrets over his action and will execute her son again, if he was still alive.

This spine chilling video, which had gone viral, had many Youtubers convinced that XXX’s death was indeed a meticulously planned affair.

Some fans believe  Xxxtentacion is still alive

15. XXXTenntacion isn’t Dead

Controversy theories are revolving on the internet that he isn’t dead.

Some say he faked his death to get away from the fucked up life he was living and to avoid jail time.

XXXtentacion was killed by a rival gang member

16. Dedrick Williams Hires Private Investigators

Williams, a tattoo artist from Pompano Beach, Florida, who claimed Drake was involved in XXXTentacion’s murder, was one of the first to be arrested on June 20, 2018,  2 days after XXX’s death, finally received the judge’s consent to hire a private investigator to prove his innocence.

But the investigators are demanding a $10,000 fee, Gofundme won’t allow him to set up a page, his family members except his brother, have all but deserted him.

After years of toiling, he finally managed to save $10,000 but the private investigator wants access to cellphone tower data for June 18, 2018 (XXX’S death day), which the judge has denied so far.