16 Hidden Secrets of Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid

Zayn Malik had a discrete affair with Little Mix singer Pierre Edwards

Most people think One Direction would never be what it was if it was not for Zayn Malik.

He was one of the initial members of the boy band before he broke it off and went his separate ways.

He decided to pursue a solo career,and so far, we can say he has done an excellent job.

Gigi Hadid is an American born model who saw her share of fame after she was signed to IMG Models in 2013.

She gained more popularity when she started dating Zayn Malik after he broke form One Direction.

In 2014 she was named as the International Model of the Year by the British Fashion Council something she was so proud to earn,and she deserved it.

Since they started dating, the two have made it to publications like the Vogue photo shoots, frequently appeared on each other’s social media and made some people feel miserable & wrecked.

Let’s take a look at some of the hidden secrets this celebrity couple has to offer:

1. Zayn Cheated On Gigi

It hard to know what to expect from a guy like Zayn but this was surely a surprise even to his fans and his girlfriend.

Zayn booked for a massage in his house. The masseuse arrived in his home only to find it’s Zayn.

The massage took place in his bedroom,and he got intimate with her.

Her name is Enrica Petrongari,and she is 41 years old.

2. Silent Breakup

As a celebrity couple, a lot hinges on their relationship.

For this reason, most of the things they did had to remain secret.

A source close to the couple said that the two had silently v=broken up without letting any of their fans know to avoid tainting their celebrity image couple.

3. Zero Communication

If there’s one celebrity couple that has been on and off, its Zayn and Gigi.

Even their fans have gotten used to it. Even when they were together, the couple would stay for so long without talking to each other or communicating at all.

4. Zayn Can’t See Gigi Without An Appointment

This might be due to her busy schedule,and sometimes maybe he has more time than her,but it’s what it is.

He has to notify her and get a time and date from her for when the two can hang out or be together.

No hard feelings though.

5. They Never Broke Up

No couple breaks up and still finds time to attend family events together.

After all, we all know how serious these celebrities take their families,so the choice to bring a partner to a family event shows a lot.

They never broke up,and if they did, it was only for show.

6. Zayn Unfollowed Gigi

After the couple reportedly broke up, seems like Zayn is the one who carried all the emotions.

Unlike other men, he went ahead and unfollowed her on social media,but Gigi had to suck it up and continued following him.

7. Zayn Blew Her Off

The two met at a friend’s party,and she fell for him.

Zayn noticed her,but he blew her off. He was supposed to attend a show with her,and he was no show.

She waited for him at the after party,but he still didn’t show up.

8. Engaged Secretly

So much of their stuff had to be done secretly to avoid speculation or spoiling their image online.

The two, however, were engaged at a secret location.

It was revealed after Gigi was spotted wearing a gold ring and she isn’t married. Or did they even get married?

9. Hard to get Zayn

Not sure if it’s because of his looks,but he actually played hard to get on Zayn.

He blew her off twice,and she was content with that.

They later went to their first date the same week after he tried playing hard to get.

10. Gigi Helped Him Through His Tough Times

When Zayn was dealing with anxiety issues and eating disorders, his girl never left him alone.

He even had to cancel a show due to his anxiety but with the help of Gigi, he overcame it,and he is now free from it all.

11. Zayn Never Took Her Home

Too much for being the best person she hasmet and stayed with for more than two years.

Zayn dated Gigi for more than two years,and she even took him to her family events,but Zayn didn’t reciprocate.

He has never taken her to his hometown to meet his parents. They only meet in events in London.

12. Still Rocking Each Other’s Merchandise

If there is one person,who likes wearing her own brand, its Gigi.

She, however, changed despite the breakup rumors,and she rocks merch bearing Zayn’s name.

13. Gigi Hadid’s Racist Post

Gigi Hadid’s Instagram account was reported after she posted a video making fun of the facial appearances of Asians.

Might be the reason she didn’t walk the runway.

14. Loves Cooking and Eating Too

Zayn took a picture cooking some chicken for her despite him having being diagnosed with an eating disorder.

She, on the other hand, loves cooking, and she dreams of having a cooking show one day.

15. Dual Heritage Couple

Taking a look at Gigi and Zayn, they are the only dual heritage couple,and they are good at it too.

16. Unresolved Arguments

Couples argue all the time and sometimes fight but not physically.

However, Gigi and Zayn’s arguments were kept under wraps even when there were severe arguments where they wouldn’t even talk after.

And yes, unfortunately Pierre Edwards was the point of contention between the two.