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When these boys formed the Backstreet Boys band in 1993, they had no idea of the fame and impact they would have on the world.

Their popularity became so huge it took them to the list of the legendary singers in this world from the likes of Michael Jordan, Elvis Presley Madonna, and others.

The Backstreet Boys have tasted their share of fame,and they have sales in excess of 130 million.

To this day, the band is still producing music,but their fame has weaned a little bit.

This was expected as it was a boy’s band but all of the members of the group are all grown up men.

Some even have families to take care of and alternating between music and being a family man is equally hard.

Being so famous, the group has been criticized by so many people, and they have been taken advantage of, conned and disappointed so many times.

All of these things have seen them grow closer together but some of these things they prefer to keep hidden.

Here are some of the shocking secrets the band had to go through all this time.

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1. False Rivalry

Backstreet Boys was a boys’ band among many other like NSYNC,and they didn’t really see eye to eye.

There were rumors of a rivalry between the two bands,but we never saw them locking horns.

After all this time, it has been revealed that there was no rivalry at all and the rivalry was just a scheme to promote both the band’s popularity.

Paris Hilton introduced Nick Carter to drugs.

2. Nick Carter Drug Problems

Nick was among the members of the Backstreet Boys band together with his brother Aaron Carter.

Nick, however, took Paris Hilton who was a socialite the tabloids loved so much,and she introduced him to bad indulgences.

She was the worst influence on him,and she introduced him to drugs and the party lifestyle,and Nick was hooked.

He had to be checked in a rehab.

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3. Conned

Their manager at that time Lou Pearlman made the boys go through a lot.

He coerced them to sign awful deals,and he was running one of the largest known Ponzi schemes on them.

He would siphon money the Boys had made leaving very little for them,but he was later apprehended.

Brain Littrell of Backstreet boys had pulled up his throat muscle.

4. Brain Littrell Vocal Problems

The critical fans of the band noticed at some point that the lead vocalist Littrell’s voice had changed and they didn’t know why.

We later came to find that he suffered from vocal tension dysphonia and it tightened the muscles around his neck.

He had to see a doctor to improve his condition, as his voice at this time was an invaluable asset to him and the band.

AJ Mclean of Backstreet Boys suffered from drug overdose

5. A.J Mclean’s Drug Problems

He was the bad boy of the group with tattoos everywhere,but his drug problems were hindering him.

He indulged in substances abuse and at the time when the band was at the peak of their success, he had to take a leave of absence and check into rehab.

Leslie Carter died of drug overdose.

6. Tragic Death

Nick and Aaron Carter, the brothers in the band, were hit by the news of their sister’s demise,and it shook them hard.

They already had their fair share of problems on top of this,and it almost tore them apart.

The sister Leslie passed away due to substance abuse.

Nick Carter with Leslie Carter

7. Nick was to Blame for Leslie’s Death

At least his parents thought so.

They blamed Nick for the demise of their daughter Leslie who was 25 years old.

They held him responsible for what had happened to her,and it was so serious, that he didn’t even attend the funeral. So painful!

Brian Littrell had a hole in his heart

8. Hole in the Heart

Brian Littrell had a hole in his heart since he was young and he kept it a secret between them and the band.

He, however, underwent open heart surgery,and the condition was corrected.

He even featured in a video shirtless to show his scars.

Howie D of Backstreet Boys lost his sister to lupus.

9. Humanitarian Howie

Howie D is the most silent member of the group.

His sister passed on after contracting lupus,and he was devastated.

He established the Dorough Lupus Foundation to bring awareness to the disease.

 Zomba records betrayed Backstreet Boys

10. Conned and Cheated

The band’s financial constraints forced them to fire their successful manager and sign a death deal with Zomba Records.

But it all went wrong and Zomba Records were silently robbing the BSB.

BSB finally figured it out and cut ties with the record company, suing them for breach of contract among other charges.

They never received advances from the record company, and the advances ranged into millions of money.

Nick Carter of Backstreet Boys was arrested for DUI.

11. Nick’s Trouble with the Law

Nick Carter was arrested in Florida in January 2016 after he was enraged when he was denied access to a bar.

Nick, the youngest member of the group, clocked the bouncer when he denied him access,and he was restrained, and the police were called.

He was charged with battery and assault.

Backstreet Boys live performance

12. Black and Blue Tour Blooper

When they were flying on their Black and Blue tour, the band were scared to death when suddenly, their plane took a noticeable drop.

The captain of the plane had lost a bet with AJ,and he let him fly the plane,and the results were shocking,but nothing bad ever happened as the captain took control.

Backstreet Boys were booed off during a live concert

13. Booed Off Stage

As famous as they are, they had performances that build their character.

The Boys were booed off stage at a foam party for the Y100 radio station.

The audience was like 2000 guys,and they were expecting girls with bikinis not a boy’s band.

BSB AJ Mcleans mother caught him in a strip club

14. Caught in a Strip Club

Mclean’s mother used to go to a regular bar, but upstairs, there were topless girls.

Nina was known by the girls and almost everyone there, as she didn’t see it as distasteful.

Alex went to the bar and went straight upstairs when his mother came,and he was shocked like a deer hit by headlights.

Everyone thought he was going to get scolded for it,but he didn’t.

Nick Carter is the most popular Backstreet Boys member

15. Hardcore Fans

The kind that sees a celebrity up-close and faint!

During one of their Millennium shows in NY, the boys were heading to the bus from their hotel,and thousands of fans were waiting for them.

Nick said “hello” to a fan,and she hit the floor and passed out!

AJ Mclean was sober but he relapsed

16. AJ’s Crazy Drinking Habits

He was the bad boy of the group, but he checked himself into a rehab and totally transformed himself.

Unfortunately he relapsed when he saw his wife was undergoing pregnancy pangs.

And on the same day when she gave birth, he was seen drinking and acting inappropriately with women while his wife was in a hospital, the other end of the street.