Halsey was in love with Andrew of Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers are an American production and DJ duo and its one of the best known pop duos today.

If you have never heard of the Chainsmokers and Halsey, then the Billboard 100 isn’t on your favorite list either.

The duo came together with Halsey an American singer and songwriter to record one of the best top rated song on the Billboard.

Halsey gained attention after she self-released her music on social media and she was signed by Astralwerks.

No matter who the Chainsmokers are featuring in their songs, they make sure they handle the production of the song.

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It’s one part of their music they have held on to for so long.

The Chainsmokers are a very talented duo who are slowly changing the music game bringing Electronic Dance Music to the top.

Their fans love them and while they are well organized and release awesome music, there are still some of their secrets not even their hardcore fans know about.

Combined with Halsey, here are some of their most hidden secrets:

Chainsmokers duo consist of American French DJ pair of  Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart

1. They Love Women

Most artists do but to the Chainsmokers, it’s a lot more to them than mere love.

They both have girlfriends but if you take a look at their social media accounts and the parties they dominate, the better percentage is made up of women and alcohol.

Alex even spilled the beans once when he said pussy comes first.

Are the Chainsmokers duo gay?

2. Are They Gay?

Why would any sane male duo be caught on tape saying that their dicks are tip to tip?

They also said in the same recording that they have 17 inch penises.

If they weren’t gay, the tip to tip would then be too much for them to say.

Halsey dated Andrew before G Eazy

3. Andrew and Halsey Dated

Based on their performance at the 2016 VMAs, these two have come up close and personal.

It was all evident during the performance of their hit song “Closer”.

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4. Halsey Doesn’t Like The Duo Anymore

Or maybe she doesn’t like the hit song they did even though it topped the Billboard Hot 100.

She once during a performance of the song said she will go ahead and jump the duos part since her part is the better one and she did!

Chainsmokers made fun of Lady Gagas Perfect Illusion

5. They Had a Beef with Gaga

When Gaga released the song “Perfect Illusion”, the Chainsmokers commented on the song and Pall said in an interview that the single sucked.

Gaga tweeted in response at the Chainsmokers with a link to her new single.

Chainsmokers have hinted lots of gay innuendos

6. Punch Each Other Just for Fun

Before hitting the stage, the duo usually takes a few drinks or punch each other in the face.

All this to wake the party monsters in them and hype up the party or show.

Andrew and Alex of Chainsmokers were strangers before 2012

7. Total Strangers Turned to Friends

Up until 2012, the two were total strangers.

They were introduced to each other by a friend of another friend who thought they shared passion in music and would make a good team and they did.

The Chainsmokers enjoy drinking

8. Avid Drinkers

Taking a closer look at their shows and parties posted on their Instagram and snapchats, these are normally overcrowded with alcoholic drinks and women.

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9. They Loved Halsey Before They Even Met Her

Halsey and the Chainsmokers did the song “Closer” and it was all worth it.

But the duo had dreamt of working with her even before they met her. She was in their bucket list.

Halsey had a miscarriage with G Eazys child

10. Halsey Had a Miscarriage

While she didn’t share this with the band, Hasley had a miscarriage and it almost tore her apart.

She revealed this all in the name of being honest.

Tori Woodward was betrayed by Alex Pall of Chainsmokers

11. Alex Pall Cheated

Alex’s ex-girlfriend Tori Woodward released a picture online that created a scandal.

The picture of Alex kissing another girl. He can’t be faithful to her? That’s low of him.

Alex of Chainsmokers crying

12. He is Remorseful About It

Alex might not have reacted to the photo as he was caught with his hand in the cookie jar but he felt bad about it.

He was remorseful and had to go far away from LA for a while to cope with the situation.

Andrew of Chainsmokers is one of the very best DJs in the world

Andrew Learnt How to DJ in an Hour

When Andrew and Alex met, they scheduled to do a show together but Andrew didn’t know how to DJ.

Alex taught him to do it an hour before the show and he rocked it.

Chainsmokers urged voters to vote against Donald Trump in 2016 elections

14. No Trump Fans

The Chainsmokers are not fans of the current President Donald Trump.

They publicly said it after a performance on March 2016 at the Ultra Music Festival.

They actually denounced him.

Chainsmokers Closer is their best song yet

15. Drink Every Night

Not a single night passes without the duo drinking.

They are way too good at drinking if they have never been in a rehab for addiction.

Live performance of Chainsmokers

16. The Chainsmokers Believed They are The Best

It’s good that they believe in themselves and also hold others higher than them.

They seem to think only Drake and Justin Bieber can match up to them.

The Chainsmokersin their childhood

17. The Chainsmokers Were Into Music Even Before They Met

The duo went to college and they studied music even before they met.

Who would have thought such an amazing duo would link up even before college and they made it rock?