17 Things You Never Knew About Adele

Adeles live performance

Adele is one of the most popular female artists in the world.

She has her name more than three times in the Guinness Book of Records stamping the popularity statement.

Her real name is Adele,and she is a singer and songwriter who has succeeded in these endeavours.

She is an award-winning artist who has been dominating the music charts since she debuted in 2008.

The London based musician has more than 86 awards in her closet,or so we can say.

If anyone says Hello, the only artists that come to mind is Adele,and she deserves the popularity.

Up to date, she has sold more than 100 million records,and with that kind of success, it’s obvious there are things she has done that are shocking.

With that amount of fame, keeping her stuff private can be hard,but she has been good at it so far.

If Adele wants something out of the public, she is going to do everything she can to keep it that way.

Read on to see some of the disturbing facts on the award-winning artist.

1. She has Never Gotten Used to Performing

Adele admits to having panic attacks before she sets foot on stage up to this day.

This is so severe she also vomits before she goes on stage.

If she doesn’t do it backstage, she might do it on stage. Too much for an award-winning artist.

2. She doesn’t like Dating Celebrities

Adele is one of the most famous stars,but she admitted she would never want to date a fellow celebrity.

When she was single, she preferred dating someone outside the spotlight. She preferred someone low-key.

3. Being Skinny isn’t on Her Bucket List

Adele doesn’t want to appear of vogue or Playboy hence she detests being skinny.

Her ambition is to make good music, and her aim in life is never to become skinny.

4. She Never Wanted to Become a Star

Unlike many celebrities, she didn’t grow up aspiring to be an artist.

She intended to be into Artists and Repertoire. It helps nurture and find budding talent in the music industry.

Some of her fans might be thankful that career path flopped.

5. Smoking Addict

Adele was an avid smoker,or we might say a chain smoker.

Hadn’t she quit that habit, it would have destroyed her music career according to her doctors.

It almost ruined her voice,and she quit.

6. Creative Drunkard

Unlike many artists who prefer a calm and quiet environment, she doesn’t mind a lot of noise and bliss.

She actually prefers being high and around noisy people when she writes.

She doesn’t mind the noise.

7. Stopped Reading at the Age of Six

While the goal of many parents is for their children to be reading books at a tender age, Adele proved her parents wrong or something like that.

She stopped reading books entirely at the tender age of six and instead, she started singing.

8. She Still Owns CDs

Adele doesn’t subscribe to a single streaming service.

She, however, has CDs even on display in her house to prove.

Can you imagine she still has Destiny Child cassettes?

Some might say she is an anti-technology lady if there is anything like that.

9. Barred from Twitter

Adele is a drunk twitter lady,and she can tweet anything.

She is prohibited from tweeting anything on her phone as she can destroy her career.

She can tweet,but the tweet has to be confirmed by at least two people and signed off by the third.

10. She Almost Died

Did you know that Adele almost died from a voice hemorrhage?

She suffered the injury,and she panicked.

It turned out that the cause of the injury was due to excessive smoking.

11. John Mayer Never Let Her Go

John Mayer had a similar incident to the one Adele had when she almost lost her voice.

She was scared,but John Mayer called her and reassured her which made her feel at ease.

12. Her Dad Bolted on Them

Adele was brought up by a single mother after her dad walked out on them when she was barely two years old.

13. Addicted to Sugar

And tea too! On a single day, Adele would drink up to ten cups of tea each with two sugars.

She eventually had to cut the tea,and she credits her minor weight loss to the reduced tea and sugar intake.

14. She Hates Shaving Her Legs

Adele as beautiful as she looks doesn’t like shaving her legs.

She, however, had to start shaving when she thought that people in the front row at her concerts would notice her unshaved legs.

15. Heavy Drinker

Add this on the fact that she is a drunk creative writer.

Her heavy drinking habit inspired the album 21,but she had to put the habit aside when she had a son.

16. She Thought She Would Die

After she quit smoking due to her voice injury which was corrected by surgery, she confessed that she thought smoking would kill her.

17. She gets Homesick

When she is on tour or away from London, Adele gets homesick,and she doesn’t like flying either.

Her debut track makes more sense now.