Aaliyah also known as Aaliyah Dana Haughton is a Detroit based American actress, singer and a dancer.She was introduced to R.Kelly by her uncle Hankerson when Aaliyah was 12 years old.Being a star at her high school did not take away her uneventful childhood till she met R.Kelly.

But everything changed when her first album “Age Ain’t Nothing But A number” was released in 1997, which was produced by the then famous R&B Producer R.Kelly. This album had many hit songs including U.S No 1 “Back and Forth”.

itunes music storeThe unprecedented success of her album made Aaliyah fall in love with her producer R.Kelly, when she was just 14 years old. And they secretly married off at his New York studio.With the age difference of more than 10 between them, the marriage was annulled and R.Kelly was ‘torn apart’ by the American media for luring and marrying a minor.

The annulled marriage did not halt Aaliyah’s musical nor acting career, as offers poured in from all parts of the globe.She was cast as lead actress in the millennia year movie Romeo Must Die, which was a resounding hit for the year 2000.

Her amazing good looks and sex appeal made her the cynosure of the American press,as she carried on with her illustrious carrier.Until it was brought to a grinding halt by an air crash in 2001 which not only ended her music career but her short lived star studded life.

R.I.P Aaliyah.