Calvin Harris Injured in a Car Accident by Teenage Female Driver

Scotland based DJ and Taylor Swift’s boy friend Calvin Harris who was on his way to take part in the coveted Alabama music festival was injured in a car accident, a head on collusion with a female teenager driving a Volkswagen SUV.

It is reported that the teenager was driving for several people in the SUV,drunk and was not wearing a seat belt.Driving at top speeds on a narrow L.A canyon road crossed the divider, hit Harris’s car.

She was thrown out of the car as she was not wearing a seat-belt and has broken her pelvis, police are yet to release the health condition of many others who were injured in the accident, some critically.

While Harris suffered a bruised nose, he was clearly not in a mood to perform and cancelled two more of his performance including the one at OMNIA nightclub,Las Vegas.

Harris later tweeted that he has some what recovered from the accident and his girl friend Taylor Swift will perform for him at the Alabama music festival, while many fans wished him a ‘Swift recovery’ ,the teenage driver never had any license in her name.