Celine Dion Strips Naked for Vogue Magazine's  Instagram post

Known for her extraordinary vocals and conservative dressing, Celine Dion shocked the entire world, when she got butt naked for a photo session with the Vogue magazine.

Posted on Vogue magazine’s instagram account, Celine Dion was seated in an astute manner, cross legged, hiding her most sensitive body parts, but butt naked anyways.

One really wonders what prompted Celine to go for such a daring photoshoot, taking into account, the fact that this Canadian Diva never ever used her body, to stimulate the sales of her songs, albums or music videos…back in the 90s.

According to sources close to Celine, the Titanic singer received a huge six figure pay check from the Vogue magazine, to bare it all for the magazine’s Insta account.

It would be interesting to get the views of the ‘conservative America’ who projected Celine as a role model for young girls back in the 90s, who would never, ever show skin, to make money in the music industry.