The dispatch of the iphone 6 was one of Apple’s best opening weekend ever for the iphone, the organization wasn’t getting let off simple.

The web has been buzzing recently over a few clients perceiving that their iphone 6 Plus units marginally twist while tucked in their pocket, however it appears that Apple has quietly settled the issue.

The issue just appeared to influence a little rate of clients, and it wasn’t sufficient for Apple to issue substitutions for twisted units.

Then again, it did appear to be sufficient for the Cupertino-based organization to covertly update the iphone 6 with a specific end goal to keep arbitrary twisting from happening.

As indicated by one Reddit client who thought about an iphone 6 Plus that he simply purchased to his wife’s unit that was purchased not long after dispatch day, there were some noteworthy configuration contrasts between the two units.

Most importantly, the smoothness between the two gadgets appeared to be changed.

With the more established model having a gentler and smoother aluminum complete than the fresher model, recommending that Apple could have toughened up the aluminum body a bit.

Besides, tapping on the back and sides of the iphone 6 Plus units where the bowing would generally happen brought about a much distinctive sound from both gadgets, with the Reddit client saying that there’s “a night and day distinction in sound.”

He even got out his trusty magnifying instrument and looked through the splits of the volume catches. From that, he recognized a red-shaded item set in the volume down catch opening on the fresher iphone 6 Plus model.

Nonetheless, there was nothing to see on the more seasoned unit, reasoning that Apple may have re-upheld that segment of the telephone where there was a clear feeble spot.

Which brought about iphone 6 Plus units getting twisted so effectively.

Finally, he measured both units and found that his fresher iphone 6 Plus measured 21 grams heavier than the more established unit.

It’s conceivable that his 128gb stockpiling chip was heavier than the 16gb stock piling of the more established unit, yet it appears to be unrealistic that its 21 grams heavier.

In light of this, we wouldn’t be amazed if Apple without a doubt redesigned the iphone 6 Plus to be more solid and tough.

In the meantime, however, its difficult to accept that Apple rolled out such a huge structural improvement the iphone 6 in a short measure of time.

Considering that they would need to plan the new structural re-requirements and test them out, the majority of that taking simply a few weeks, which appears to be somewhat speedy.

Regardless, we’re certain that numerous clients are trusting that Apple really did roll out a few improvements the cell phone’s inner configuration to make it stronger.

Yet, it’s positively something that we don’t know beyond all doubt until somebody can get their involved a fresher unit and do a complete teardown correlation.

Apple has been fairly quiet regarding this particular issue, however that is likely in light of the fact that the disaster with ios 8.0.1 has collected a great deal of consideration also.

Then again, Apple says that it is “researching this with a crazy measure of subtle element.”

Regardless, a telephone made out of flimsy aluminum will twist with the perfect measure of constrain, so we don’t see this as something unimaginably astounding.

Actually, there were a few reports back when the iphone 5s discharged of units bowing in individuals’ pockets.

Obviously, the measure of consideration the issue got was nothing contrasted with what the iphone 6 “bendgate” is accepting now, which is fairly grievous, since this issue is nothing but the same old thing new.