The verdict is out as… iPhone 7 is booked beyond it’s available stock in most of the countries and a mad rush is expected in store fronts all over the U.S on September 16th 2016, the day it will be made available to the public.
New York city cops are already preparing for the D-day, September 16th when huge crowds are expected in store fronts in the big apple 24 hours prior to the open sale when all hell is supposed to break loose.
Priced at $649 for iPhone 7 and $769 for iPhone 7 plus, Apple Inc has done it’s best to reduce the store-front demand on Sep 16th by making iPhone 7 and 7 Plus a pre-order on it’s website.
If you are really desperate to get an iPhone 7 before Sep 16th, check out Apple’s website.
iPhone 7 Features
1, iPhone 7 will be the first smartphone without a Headphone Slot
iPhone 7 users will have to use a Lightning Connector to listen to songs as well as for communicating with others.Not a good news for Headphone fans and high end Headphone/Earphone manufacturers.
But the real question, is iPhone 7 the messiah of smartphones that users have been looking for all these years? The answer is No. What smartphone users really need is a wireless charger and not an extra external device just to listen to music.
2, Size Does Matter
Minimum storage capacity for iPhone 7 starts at 32 GB and goes up to 256 GB for iPhone 7 plus. Available storage capacity for iPhone 7 are 32 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB.Newly introduced jet black model has a starting storage capacity of 128 GB.
3, More Color Options
iPhone 7 is available in more colors when compared with iPhone 6s, which had only 4 colors rose gold,silver,gold and space gray.iPhone 7 has 5 colors including the newly introduced black and and jet black color options, while space gray has been withdrawn by Apple.
4, Increased Battery Life
Apple claims that iPhone 7 last for more than 12 hours for a single complete charge.But these claims can only be confirmed when the end user starts using iPhone 7.
5, Overall Improved Performance
iPhone 7 is the first of iPhones, which has a IP67 certification means it is not only water resistant but also weighs less when compared with iPhone 6s.It is also the first iPhone to have dual speakers and a pressure sensitive Home button.