A few months ago Hollywood went bonkers with the news that Cameron Diaz is pregnant, but it was never confirmed by the actor or her agent.However, Janet Jackson’s pregnancy is not a rumor.

Sources close to Janet and her U.K based Qatari husband Wissam Al Mana have confirmed the news which ended up in the front pages of most newspapers across the globe.

Many Janet Jackson fans are over the moon with the news but some are really worried about the health issues that Janet might face with such a late pregnancy.

Age is definitely not on Mrs Jackson Wissam Al Mana’s side with many doctors treading words of caution for her.Side effects of late pregnancy includes..

Obesity,High blood pressure and Diabetes.
Complications during delivery
Possibility of having triplets or twins increase by 60%
Increased chances of baby having Eclampsia, Down’s syndrome or any other Congenital Abnormality.
40% increase of delivery only through a C-section.

Thankfully for Janet, she is not alone as there are many celebrities who have delivered a baby in their early 40s,including… Lena Headey,Gwen Stefani,Halle Berry,Uma Thurman,Salma Hayek,Alanis Morissette,Eva Mendes,Tina Fey,Alyssa Milano,,Julianne Moore and Amanda Peet.

But Janet Jackson will be the first major celebrity to deliver a baby in her 50s.Let us hope and pray that God be with Mrs Jackson Wissam Al Mana, as she goes through her pregnancy.