Church has played a key role in shaping up many popular singers as well as actors in USA and Katy Hudson also known as Katy Perry is no exception.

This California girl shocked her deeply religous pastor parents when she left for Los Angeles from her home town to become the next Madonna.

It still is a mystery how a girl who was not allowed to watch MTV in her home wanted to be the next queen of pop.

royalty free music downloadsReality of life soon soaked it’s teeth in Katy Perry’s career when she was shown the door from most major Record labels.After some unknown favours to executives at Colombia Records, they did sign Katy for a brief period but she was dropped without releasing a single album in 2004.

Katy will spend the next four years in harsh wilderness were the last thing you would like to loose is your self respect.

Such was this nadir in Katy’s life that she could not even perform in L.A bars and restaurants forget the multi million dollar record labels.

Some favours last a fortnight and some last for a lifetime, nobody knows what favour did Katy do to the top executives of Colombia Records, one such top executive finally recommended Katy to the owner of Virgin Records, Jason Flom.And so began the Katy era in 2008.

All the songs that Katy wrote in the wilderness were released in her second album “One of the Boys” had her first major hit “kissed a girl”.

Then came the “Teenage Dreams” her most successful album till date and won her many MTV, Grammy and other international awards.

Success of this album brought many good things in her life including her former husband Russell Brand to whom she was married for more than a year.