Madonna always wanted to compliment her music with her own acting skills, simply because she is a woman of many talents.Starting out as a Model in 1977 leaving her home town Michigan to chase her wildest dreams of becoming a superstar.

This starry eyed teenager was welcomed to reality with failures, cheating men with no financial backing from her family or friends.

The big apple did however introduce her to valuable contacts who would be responsible for who or what she is today.

itunes music storeAfter having multiple boy friends between 1977 to 1980, forming new bands and discarding old ones like changing clothes, Madonna finally got her big break when Mark Kamins a Brooklyn based DJ forwarded her demo tapes to Sire Records.

This happened somewhere during the middle of 1982 and all those wasted years were beginning to make sense.Sire Records did sign up Madonna after much persuasion from Mark Kamins but it did not take long for the material girl to show the world that she ain’t just a blonde.

“Everybody”, “Physical Attraction” and “Holiday” rocked the charts in 1982 and 83′ thanks to Mark Kamins who produced them all.After her much impressive debut Sire Records offered Madonna a full time contract which would epitomize Madonna as the queen of pop.

royalty free music downloadsHer first album titled “Madonna” was released in 1983, the same time when Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” was zombifying music charts around the globe but it did not mean Madonna was a push over.

She was able to take away the spotlight away from Michael Jackson with 17 consecutive Top Ten singles a feat that even the great Mike could not achieve.

Thanks to girl power, her ever expanding female fan base meant that Madonna was received like a goddess wherever she went.”Holiday”, “Lucky Star” and “Borderline” became household hits and the world’s first queen of pop was crowned.

Unlike many stars who would organize a world tour to make the most of their album’s success, Madonna ventured into acting where she would her meet her first true love Sean Penn while filming the Hollywood blockbuster “Desperately Seeking Susan”.

The movie was a resounding hit with many pop critics comparing Madonna at the same level as of Michael Jackson.But still she did not take a breather and released her second album “Like a Virgin” in 1984.

amazon itunes music storeThe title track “Like a Virgin” become the No 1 hit in the Billboard worldwide charts and also earned Madonna a nick name that is more popular than her real name “Material Girl” in 1985.

This multi platinum album would eventually become one of the best selling albums of all time with more than 27 million copies sold worldwide.

But there was a constant struggle inside Madonna’s mind between Madonna the musician and Madonna the actress, eventually
Madonna the actress won as she ventured back into acting during the pinnacle of her career.

The move proved to be futile as she was not able to produce a single big hit and all her movies “Who’s That Girl?”,”Speed the Plow” flopped at the box office and she divorced Sean Penn after their movie “Speed the Plow” did not make the second week in many American theaters.

On the other hand Madonna’s musical career reached it’s zenith when her third album “True Blue” turned out to be her most commercially successful album ever.

“Open Your Heart” , “True Blue” , “Papa Don’t Preach” all reached the No.1 spot in Billboard U.S charts and the girl power worked wonders for her.

Every girl in USA during the late 1980s wanted to be like Madonna, they dressed like her, walked like her, talked like her and some even surgically changed their faces like her, such was her craze during late 80s.

Madonna enjoyed the spotlight and never complained against her fans or the press like the king of pop did back then.

Every time she released a successful album she switched back to acting instead of building on her album’s success.After the success of “True Blue” she trained her horses on Broadway back stages rather than go for a world tour raking millions.

Infact she would spend the first six months of 1989 acting on the theatrical version of her flop movie “Speed the Plow” on the grand Broadway stages of New york.

One would never know if acting on stages and movies, flopping at them provided the inspiration that Madonna needed to succeed in her musical career.

Because every time she flopped in a movie or a New york Broadway drama she released a successful album.Came the summer of 1989 Madonna released her fourth album “Like a Prayer” which set the trend for many songs and artists of 1990s.

royalty free music downloadsThe album had many U.S and international No.1 hits such as “Cherish”, “Rescue Me”, “Express Yourself” and many more.Even

better was Madonna’s OST for the 1992 movie “A League of Their Own”, “This Used to Be My Playground” went all way to the top in U.S and U.K.

“Erotica” and “Bed Time Stories” were released almost with no gap between them in 1994 and had those soul soothing numbers
such as “take a bow”, “rain” etc but was far less impressive from her albums of the 80s.

It was during this time she met Guy Ritchie on the sets of “Evita”, with the success of both the movie and the OST “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina”, Madonna was drawn towards Guy Ritchie’s personality and gave birth to Rocco John Ritchie during early 2000.

Parenting her daughter first ,her son next, staying out of the music scene for two years provided Madonna with kind of break needed to create magic with her late 90s album “Ray of Light”.

Her relationship with Guy Ritchie grew stronger as she appeared more matured and conservative on the videos of “Ray of Light” and “American Pie” not living up to the expectations of her playboy fans.

Her English husband also played a key role in Madonna performing for the 2002 James Bond movie “Die Another Day”. But the drift between Madonna and her husband was clearly evident since they both were focused on their careers and not able to spend much time with each other.

Rumor has it that Madonna was having an open affair with Alex Rodriguez, then New york Yankees superstar with Yankee teammates leaking information to the press about the lewd acts between between Madonna and Alex Rodriguez.

With some even leaking locker room pictures of Madonna and Alex Rodriguez caught in highly compromising positions to New York Times and other popular newspapers.

An embarrassed Guy Ritchie filed for divorce during the spring of 2008 and an English judge liquidated their marriage.Madonna did not make much of an impact on the music scene as her “MDNA” received a negative response from the critics.

It was not until March 2015 that she would hog the limelight once again with her latest album “Rebel Heart” with songs like “Ghost town” reaching the top 10 in both U.S and international charts.

Later this year (2015) Madonna is planning a world tour to promote her album “Rebel Heart”.