We all know how much success Justin Bieber tasted in 2016.His album Purpose sold more than a million copies and his single “Sorry” sold more than 6 million copies across the globe and set new streaming records on Spotify.

Well.. that doesn’t justify Justin’s actions of sending his half naked pics to Walhlberg, who confirmed to press,receiving Underwear only pics from Justin.

Wahlberg went on to add…

“He did send me the pictures and I was like, ‘You don’t send a guy pictures like this in your underwear.'”

“He was proud, you know, it was a big deal for him to do. And I was like, I am at 45, a dad and a husband, a father of four, I’m trying to move away
from that image.”

“You know what? People give him flack for growing up in the spotlight and they say he has a bit of an attitude, but look at the look on my face, I mean, I was the biggest punk in the world.”

“He’s very nice and young and polite in comparison to what I was.”

“Actually, you know what, he is a very nice young man, he’s a friend of mine, I’ve spent time with him.”

Beliebers are not sure if this is a veiled threat on Justin by Walhlberg, as Walhlberg was the biggest punk of the early and mid 90s, serving jail time on assault charges.

Mark was also the face of Calvin Klein in the 90s as is Justin but still one does not know the truth behind Justin sending half naked pics to Walhlberg’s personal mobile.

This incident is very similar to Michael Jackson playing pranks on the Gladiator hero Russell Crowe in the early 2000s, MJ used to make prank calls to Russell Crowe for years, calling him and pranking him on any hotel Russell stays in,under whichever name in any part of the world.

This could well be a prank of some sorts as Justin had pranked many superstars in the past including Taylor Swift.

On the other hand, many of Justin’s critics are beginning to wonder if Justin has had a change of heart for his sexual preference and partners..only time can answer this question.