Miley Cyrus is the first pop singer of many things, she was the first MTV VMA awards host, who hosted the entire live awards ceremony with a bare chest and two strap ons.

She was the first popular artist to release an album on live television without any sort of promotion or prior announcements  whatsoever.

She was the first disney girl who acted with extreme maturity, dignity and self respect throughout the entire Hannah Montana series aired on Disney during early 2000s and gained respect from every American household as a pious girl next door.

Until she released her fourth album Bangerz in 2013, which was a complete commercial package filled with bare all see all videos with extremely controversial lyrics.

itunes music storeThe album did get her the spotlight and recognition which she lost when her third album “can’t be tamed” released in 2006 became one of the lowest selling albums of that decade.

And Miley was at loss of words with the amount of disgrace and embarrassment that followed her after the faisco of her Third album.Hence she shed the sterotype of being a born again girl next door to a devil in disguise to make up for the humiliation she suffered.

And it did work out as Miley’s image and fame reached new heights netting her many MTV and Grammy awards.MTV honoured Miley by declaring her as their “Artist of Year 2013”

But Miley was not satisfied with her new found success and organized an exhaustive worldwide Bangerz Tour in 2014 to thank her fans around the world in person.

Bangerz tour 2014 was a resounding commercial success for Miley as she enamored the hearts of many young men and women with lewd on stage acts complimented with minimal clothing.

Many of Miley’s followers on Facebook and Twitter have time and again expressed thier shock and dismay at amount of immaturity the celebrity shows in her posts and pictures but many still love Miley,just the way she is.

There are not many men who have had a serious relationship with Miley except one namely Liam Hemsworth who was great source of comfort and solace to Miley when her third album flopped.Whom she met in 2010 on the sets  of her home coming movie, “The Last song”.

Miley cyrus, a self proclaimed pansexual has confessed that many a times she had cried for losing Liam Hemsworth to whom she was engaged for more than a year having dated him for 3 more years.

Losing Liam Hemsworth had a big impact on Miley’s career as though it appeared Liam Hemsworth had taken much of her
positive energy away from her.

She was clever enough to figure out that Liam Hemsworth is not going to come back and adopted lots of pets including dogs, cats, rats and even a pet pig to keep her going.

It was not a suprise when her latest album released on August 30th 2015 right after the MTV VMA awards 2015 was named “Miley Cyrus and the Dead Petz”, a tribute to those beings with whom she
spends most of her time these days.