Not since Madonna has a female musician tasted the level of success every time an album was released, earned the respect of the music industry, fans and many charitable organizations around the world but Taylor Swift.

Such is the persona of this amazing Country-pop singer that whatever she sang went platinum even if it’s not her genre.

She is the only female artist to have won the Guinness Book of World Records for fastest selling digital album “Speak Now” in 2012.

Which does not mean, her first album “Taylor Swift” 2006, did not go platinum and “Tim Graw” her first single does not deserve the credit for it nor does “Our Song”.

royalty free music downloadsTaylor Swift won four Grammys for her second album “Fearless” 2008 and dominated the music scene ever since she entered it in 2006.It does not mean Taylor don’t know how to fail, born in Reading, Pennsylvania in 1989, Taylor Swift took to music not that she was born for it but to vent her emotions.

Yes, Taylor swift was subjected to frequent bullying during her school days just because she looked good and was not able to impress her fellow students with her witty jokes.

She learned guitar when she was 10 just to express her emotions and feelings, most of them being sadness and tears.Being the smart kid as she was like her parents both being accountants and stock brokers, Taylor climbed every major record label in Nashville promoting her demo tapes, looking for that lucky break at the dawn of the new millennium.

Being rejected by every record label did not depress her nor did it take away her passion for country music.She entered the big league when she was only 17 years old and is dominating it for the last 10 years.

Thanks to the U.S Open Tennis Tournament of the millennia year 2000, where she would do a rendition of the U.S National anthem.

Offers as well contracts would come pouring in from all corners and she would have the luxury to choose the best and reject the rest.

amazon itunes music store“Love Story” “Change” “White Horse” were not only chart toppers but “Change” was used extensively by the 2008 U.S Olympics team.

Taylor injected new life into country-pop music industry when she released “Fearless” in 2008.Not even her role model,the woman she adores the most Shania Twain made such an impact on the international stage like Taylor did.

But it was just the beginning, the success of “Speak Now” her third album with hits “Sparks Fly”, “The Story of Us” released in 2010 is nothing when compared to her fourth album “Red” released in 2012 or her second album “Fearless” released in 2008.

Just like many of her contemporaries, Taylor swift ventured into acting with her debut film, “Valentines Day” which was just an other film for the movie buffs.But the OST for the movie “Today Was a Fairytale” sold more than 325k copies in it’s first week of release online and Taylor becoming the artist with most downloads for a paid single online (in a week).

Taylor Swift toured Europe and Asia to make the most of her album “Speak Now” which was a sellout in all the countries she staged her acts in.

When “Red” her fourth album was released during the spring of 2012 many of Taylor Swift’s critics expected it to be a low key affair as they thought she was experimenting with a new genre country-pop,not her strength.

taylor swift free mp3 downloadsIf lady luck ever lived on this planet many would have agreed Taylor Swift it is, because no matter how many albums she released in whatever short span of time, it was an instant hit.

Simply put Taylor Swift is a singer with midas touch and “Red” just proved that,with “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”  she destroyed the stereotype of being called a Country singer but a woman of many talents.

The single topped charts all over the world including China where the word Red represents Chinese heritage and culture and is considered a sacred word.

U.K, South Korea and the rest of pan Asia including Australia and New Zealand were tapping their foot to Taylor’s No.i hit single “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”. “I Knew You Were Trouble” another single from “Red” reached the Top 10 in many countries including U.S, U.K, China, Australia, Germany and more.

With “Red” Taylor Swift also presented opportunities to relatively unknown singers back then like Ed Sheeran, Gary Lightbody, Shellback and many more.

“We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” one of the top songs of 2012 was nominated for the best song at the 2012 Grammy awards.

“I Knew You Were Trouble”, “Everything Has Changed”, “Red” and “The Last Time” all rocked the music charts all over the world.With more than a billion views for her songs on YouTube.

Taylor would tour the world promoting “Red” in Europe, which would eventually become a world tour with highest amount ever earned by an artist touring the world.

Unlike her contemporaries Miley Cyrus or Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift only focused on music and not her body while touring the world which gained her respect from all corners of the globe.

With fame,respect,money and time on her side, “Red” was her most successful album till “1989” was released late 2014.If the album “Red” on the whole gained her a billion views on YouTube.Almost each and each every song from her new album “1989” gained a billion views on YouTube on their own.

This is the first time a musician was ever able to achieve a milestone like Taylor did since YouTube’s inception in 2004.”1989″ debuted at 1 in both Billboard and other global charts in USA and UK just like “Red”.

Taylor shed her typical pious born again girl next door to become a man eating evil witch who hunts handsome boys for her track “Blank Space” one of her main singles on “1989”.

This was a genius of a move as song’s video views surged on YouTube to become only the second video on YouTube to gain a
billion views  after “PSY Gangnam Style”. “1989” is anything but country.

It is a mixture of pop, dubstep, rock and pop-rock.But no one was complaining including Taylor’s die hard country fan’s because it had something that pleased each and every one of her fans.

“Shake It Off” another peppy number from “1989” was an instant hit among the younger generation ever since it was on a live webcast during late 2014.

Taylor hardly had any competition ever since “1989” was released and she has taken herself to the next level , where only an elite few would be called Queen of Pop.

She never showed much of her booty in any of the videos that her accompanied her songs since entered the music scene in 2006, not until “Bad Blood” was released.

amazon itunes music storeJust like Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift shocked and surprised many of her conservative fans when “Blank Space” and “Bad Blood” were released.

Not being the typical Taylor Swift sad country song, singing about her lost love, “Blank Space” and “Bad Blood” were all about girl.

If you think “Blank Space” was too much of a change for the pious Taylor Swift then “Bad Blood” a collaboration with New York based rap singer Kendrick Lamar is definitely not for you or her conservative fans.

The video is all about a group of murderous female thugs trying to steal a mysterious but a very important briefcase.

When Taylor swift was about to make away with the briefcase one of her associates back stabs her, critically injures her and steals the mysterious briefcase away from Taylor Swift.

The rest of the video revolves around Taylor’s recovery and how she exacts revenge on her jealous back stabbing crosser.

“Bad Blood” released during May 2015 is topping the charts across the globe at this point of time.

Taylor Swift who won the MTV VMA song of the year 2015 for “Bad Blood” told the audience while receiving the award that the idea of the “Bad Blood” video is to let the world know… “boys can be princess and girls can be soldiers”.